Highlands Ranch, Colo. 

Dream job:
Owning my own business, which I do. A floral company with my sister!

Biggest pet peeve:
Leaving dishes in the sink. 

Describe what you look for in a partner:
I’m looking for someone who is adventurous, kind hearted, a happy-go-lucky personality and a good human.

One thing you can’t live without? 
My family. 

Why do you think you’re a catch?
Because I am hard working, genuine, very down to earth and spontaneous. I’m never in a bad mood. 

What is your Zodiac sign?

Do you think you’re a jealous person?

What is the most annoying habit other couples do? 
A lack of independence. I’m independent to a fault.


Detroit, Mich. 

Dream job:
Detroit Lions mascot. 

Biggest pet peeve:
People that don’t use their blinkers.

Describe what you look for in a partner: 
Someone that I can go out and have a blast with, but also stay in and have just as many laughs. 

One thing you can’t live without?
My dog. 

Why do you think you’re a catch? 
Because I’m honest and kind. 

What is your Zodiac sign?

Do you think you’re a jealous person?

Favorite TV series to binge on?
The Wire. 

What is the most annoying habit other couples do?
Fight in public. 

Walking upstairs to the dining area of Avery, the couple sits down to almost a dozen beer samples. Can’t say we blame them. After downing those and a soft pretzel appetizer, we pull them aside for the first impression questions.

Before having a chance to meet them, what’s going through your head?
M: I was just excited to be going on a date, was not expecting too much, and excited to try a place I haven’t tried before. 
A: I was excited to go somewhere new that I haven’t been, and experience a new experience. At the very least, maybe make a new friend. 

Then you see the dater, what are you thinking?
M: Holy hot! He. Is. Hot.
A: She looks like a good friend.

What’s the first thing you noticed about them?
M: I noticed that he had a beard and I like beards. 
A: Her dark hair.

How were the first impressions?
M: Great! Super nice guy, great job, seems like he’s family oriented, and he’s super excited to live in Colorado. 
A: She’s very outgoing, which is great, easy to talk to and she can hold a conversation. 

Are they someone you’d normally date?
M: Yeah! Absolutely!
A: No. 

What are you looking for from the other dater?
M: A second date.  
A: We are having a blast trying all of the delicious Avery beers.  

Give us three words that describe your current dating life. 
M: Not even happening. 
A: Emotionally not available. 

Where do you usually meet people?
M: Dating apps are hard, I run into a lot of plain bagels or wet blanket types. Bars aren’t as much of an option as they used to be. 
A: Recently it’s been Bumble, but over the course of my life it’s been at concerts or drunken bars.  

What advice did your friends give you?
M: I actually didn’t tell anyone I was doing this except for my sister. All she said was, ‘I hope you marry him, I think it would be a really good story.’
A: My friends are idiots, they didn’t give me any advice. I would never ask my friends for dating advice.

After the couple finishes what looks to be a mouth watering dinner, we pull them aside to see how things have progressed with barriers hopefully broken down. Besides, all the delicious Avery beer might have helped with making things a little more easy going.

How was dinner?
M: Great. We had a great conversation, we have a lot of things in common; we seem to both enjoy a lot of the same things, talked about hobbies and what we like to do.
A: It was fantastic. The tenderloin was the best meal I’ve had since I moved to Colorado. The waitress explained to me what cave-aged cheese was, and it’s literally like, a cave, where they age cheese. There’s not bats in the cave, but there might be spirits. 

How’s the date going?
M: I think the date is going great! I don’t know though, I haven’t gone on a date that’s gone this well in a long time. 
A: It’s going well. We have a lot in common. She’s probably the first and only person I’ll be able to talk about boating.

Now that you’ve had time to talk, are you attracted to them?
M: Yeah, absolutely. He seems smart, well spoken, and can really carry a conversation. He’s interesting, and still not bad to look at. 
A: I’m having a great time talking to her. We’ve actually been talking about some pretty interesting things.  

If you could give them a trophy what would it be for?
M: I would give him an animal lover trophy, because he’s talked about how excited he’s been to reconnect with his dog through hiking and spending time being in Colorado. 
A: The Boulder conversationalist award. 

What do you and the dater have in common?
M: We have a sales personality, we both do some type of selling, we really enjoy Colorado and the outdoors. We both really enjoy boating, time with our families, and it seems like we both like to eat and drink a lot. 
A: I think we share the boating thing — like it was a similar upbringing — and we both have a natural drive to see and explore.  

Are you holding back?
M: No. At this point in my life, I always get nervous that I’m an over-teller and I’m saying too much about myself.  
A: Yeah. Inadvertently my guard is up. 

What would your friends and family say about them?
M: I think they would really like him. We have very similar interests. 
A: My mom would love her. 

How’s the chemistry?
M: I think it’s good. It’s very easy talking to him, we’ve been able to continuously talk. Honestly, I forgot that I was here, doing this blind date, just felt like a date with someone I already know. Which I think is a good sign. 
A: She might be my new best friend.  

Are you looking forward to more time with them?
M: Yeah, if he’s interested in spending more time with me, sure. 
A: I am really excited to explore the dessert menu together. 

How did Rooster do picking your date and date spot?
M: Great, I was positively surprised. You guys definitely did better than Bumble, let’s be real. 
A: I would encourage more folks to come to Avery. Like honestly, the food was amazing. Rooster did an excellent job at setting up a fantastic evening.

We decide to leave the daters to finish up the night. It’s always sad leaving Avery, but we know we’ll be back sooner than later. We reach out a couple days later to see what each one thought of the date and if we missed out on anything after.

What happened after dinner? 
M: Nothing — we finished up and both went our separate ways.
A: We tried to finish two delicious desserts and then parted ways. 

What was your favorite part of the date?
M: Dinner was fun. Good conversation. I was able to learn a little more about Alex. Our server was very nice and helped keep things light.
A: Great conversation, Molly is really bright and fun to chat with. 

After all was said and done, how was the night?
M: I had fun … easily the weirdest structure of a ‘date’ I have been on. I went in with zero expectations so I was surprised when it ended up being fun.
A: The night was first-class, Avery provided delicious food and a cool atmosphere to hang out in. I was pleasantly surprised how good the food was. 

Final question, would you go on a second date with them? 
M: Sure, I would be happy hanging out again.
A: Molly was terrific, we had fun but I didn’t feel enough chemistry to want to pursue a second date. 


The date seemed to be going very well as far as conversation and love for food and booze went, but maybe not so much in the romance department. Once again, there just wasn’t the mutual desire to go further than maybe a friendship. Boating is definitely a unique interest to have in common though, so who knows, maybe a friendship over boats will eventually lead to some rocking of their own? Help us make a connection and submit some friends so we can stop with these awful puns!