We give up …

Here it comes, ladies and gentlemen, the latest fashion trends looking to knock the man bun out of commission for good. It's called the "man braid," which is basically just long-haired dudes doing what long-haired dudes have been doing for a really long time, except now it's been co-opted by the mob and being called "fashion" for whatever reason. This time, however, the ladies didn't want to be left out of the hair menagerie and are pushing the 'corn horn forward in response (which might pair nicely with Unicorn Tears Gin). 

This is certainly going to fuck up 2016 for a lot of people.

If you're so willing to brave what may come of the trend, here's a funny tutorial with a guy who has heaven's song coming out of his mouth. Seriously, that voice! Below it, a bizarre step-by-step on how to rock a 'corn horn. Congratulations, you're now trend setters followers!