Science continues to amaze us … 

It's a question as old as time: real or fake? Men, being men (or women for that matter), are a naturally curious bunch, and when a very nice looking woman comes by with an ample set of chesticles, a spirited discussion will almost always ensue as to the authenticity of that woman's hardware. 

Real or fake, we love them all — but the flashlight on your phone can prove once and for all whether those sweater puppets are stock or aftermarket options.

Granted, this isn't the x-ray app we've been waiting for, but it does provide definitve proof. It requires a few important steps first — namely the consent of the woman in question — and a dark room, but the effects are tremendous!

Apparently, a big set of fake cans will act quite a lot like jellyfish at the depths of the ocean floor. 

Mesmerizing. We had no idea. Now, if you're ever at a party and there is a debate over fun bag authenticity, you can hit them with this. 

Or, if you're the lucky lady who owns the things, you can let everyone read at night when you go camping. Double duty right there.