First rule of being a valet, don't joyride in the cars. Second rule of being a valet, don't destroy the car if you joyride in it. 

There are few rules when it comes to being a valet. Most of them hinge on not stealing any of the vehicles entrusted into your possession to drive from the front door to the parking spot. But if you fail to follow the first rule, you definitely should oblige to the most important subsequent rule, don’t destroy said stolen car. Too bad some people don't follow the rules. 

A Miami valet could hardy contain himself when he was handed the keys to a $400,000 Lamborghini Aventador. Like any individual making $10 an hour plus tips and in possession of an Italian sports car, he took the car for a joyride around the block.

Unfortunately for the valet, the Lamborghini’s 720-horse power engine produces so much heat that it needs more air flow than your typical Toyota Corolla. After revving the engine, the car began to overheat, causing flames to shoot out of the rear exhaust, singeing the red paint job and guaranteeing he would never work as a valet again. 

Onlookers quickly helped expunge the flames shooting out of it, but not before the damage was already done. The Lamborghini was promptly towed away, and as for the valet, he now has an epic story to tell friends and acquaintances as he stands in the unemployment line.