Asking her what he did in bed might not be the worst idea …

More often than not, what makes for great sex isn’t always the same connection necessary for a satisfying long-term relationship. While hours of Sting-level tantric sex is one thing, maintaining a solid, binding chemistry with another human being requires an array of correlating personality traits and mutual beliefs. Unfortunately, this means the perfect storm of sex-meets-sensibilities is extremely rare.

According to a study by, a dating website for married people, a greater number of women than men experience what they coined the 'greener grass syndrome' (comparing their current partner unfavorably with a former lover).

The survey compiled the results of 1,000 individuals and found that more than half of women (56 percent) claim they had the best sex of their lives in a previous relationship, not with their current lovers. Only 29 percent of males claim to have had their best sex with a previous partner. spokesman Christian Grant attempts to explain this all as merely the evolution of women’s values and priorities as their lives progress. It’s kinda sexist and we don’t personally agree, but then again, Grant does work for an affair hookup website, so …

"Women don’t tend to marry the guy they had great sex with. They marry for more ‘sensible’ attributes — like whether he’ll be loyal and a good father. Mr. Sensible is fine for the first five years of marriage but after that women get restless and seek excitement elsewhere," he says.

Whereas the guy she dated in college may have given her the best sex of her life, the discrepancies in their mutual core beliefs (and his repulsive love of Phish) may be too much to keep the relationship intact. The female will tend to, over time, trade in that bevy of screaming orgasms for a more ‘sensible’ mate. Sensible over sensual … now we’re getting to the bottom of this. But what about the males?

It’s interesting to note that women are by far more likely to be the ones to end a relationship. According to a survey by YOUGOV, only seven percent of males had only been the ‘dumper’ (their term not ours, folks), whereas nearly a fifth (19 percent) of women had always been the one to end a relationship. Twenty one percent of males had only been dumped with just 12 percent of females reporting the same.

Maybe these males may have little interest in revisiting a previous relationship than females because it is more likely that they were rejected in the relationship.

Perhaps this also explains why the same study revealed that a third of women (32 percent) would even be down to meet with a former partner if they were approached on a digital platform like Facebook. The women who are more likely to have ended the relationship may very well be the same individuals having second thoughts about their decision, on top of the given statistic that this previous partner may have a higher statistical chance of being a better lover.

Males surprisingly were less eager about the same rendezvous scenario. Less than a quarter (24 percent) claimed to have any interest in revisiting a former romance. Males and their fragile little egos.

Don’t think about it too much, guys. You’re probably not the best lay your girlfriend has ever had, that’s just the way it is. On the same token, you’re probably faring better at life than her ex-orgasmatron of yesteryear…