Unique, technically advanced and a hell of a lot more than a simple co-branded t-shirt, Wale's Akomplice collab is a vision into fashion's future.

Colorado brand Akomplice has teamed up with Grammy-nominated artist Wale to create an new, ultra-exclusive collection you can wear to make your body look better.

From the press release:

"Known for his creativity and personal style, especially in the arena of sneakers, Wale chose to collaborate with the creative contingent at Akomplice to create something more than a co-branded t-shirt. Unsatisfied with merely slapping their respective logos on a garment and pushing it out for production, Wale and Akomplice welcomed the challenge of taking on something unique and technically advanced. After donning a pair of ski overalls in Audio Push's "Quick Fast" music video, Wale wanted to fashion his own distinct pair, complete with a corresponding ski mask.

Featuring a blue, black and silver color schematic chosen by Wale to represent his Every Blue Moon imprint. The overalls feature AQUASEAL waterproof zippers, courtesy of YKK, as well as 3M reflective hits on the knees, ankles and calf. More than merely well designed technical garments, both the mask and overalls pay tribute to Wale’s Nigerian ancestry with a traditional Yoruba pattern emblazoned in 3M on the overall’s straps and across the mask. Like Wale, Akomplice is a proponent of individuality in the arena of fashion. With this collaboration, the two produced a pair of innovative statements pieces for the street that also have the technical prowess for the outdoors."

The collab will drop on the Akomplice Webstore Saturday the 26th at the very specific time of 2:06pm EST, but you can preview it and salivate over its beauty below: