Bye-bye Fabio, Danielle Steel, and the uncomfortable term “love rod.” Coloradans are become increasingly fond of not-your-grandma’s literotica.

Erotic literature is no longer for the horny escapist, closeted BDSM fetishist or bored housewife who gets her rocks off with oblong produce while dreaming of Max Maddox. Thanks to 50 Shades of Grey, a true literary masterpiece, literotica is making a comeback, and Coloradans all over that trend.

We spoke with bookstores in the greater Denver area to find out what types of erotic novels Colorodans are buying the most of to get them in the mood, or at least expand their literary repertoire, this Valentine's Day. To no one's surprise, Coloradans' sexy literature tastes are as varied and liberal as their political and social views.

Here are the five most common erotic novels sold on Valentine’s Day:

1. 50 Shades of Grey

We thought 50 Shades was sooo three years ago, but alas, it just won’t die. It’s been parodied, critiqued, and we even keep a spare copy in the bathroom in case the TP runs out. However, across the board, each bookstore we spoke with noted 50 Shades of Grey as their top selling erotic book. Maybe it’s morbid curiosity? Maybe it’s clean porn that can sit inconspicuously on the desk? Whatever the reason, E.L. James made a pretty penny off of convincing women that a sexy BDSM crazed billionaire can steal us away from even life’s dullest moments.

2. Delta of Venus

We were pleased to find that on top of the twaddle that is the 50 Shades trilogy, Coloradans also get down on some old school erotic lit. Delta of Venus, written by sexually stifled Anais Nin for a man known as “Collector,” is a compilation of 15 short stories that walk the line between finesse and blatancy. If that’s not enticing enough we don’t know what is.

3. Pistol Whipped

By far the best gem of our erotic investigation was the discovery of a local author, Ashley Bostock. This literary up and comer writes GUN THEMED erotic fiction. And we are totally buying it. With titles like Pistol Whipped, Trigger Happy, and Gun Shy how can we not read on? Especially when stories are set in Windsor and involve a (fictional) brewer and a gun toting used book-store owner. Nothing screams Colorado more than Bostock’s books.

4. The Outlander Series

This compilation is much more than historical fiction, one shop assured us, and gets “hot and heavy” in parts. Or, one part in particular … Our petticoats are dripping already.

5. The Crossfire Series

The Crossfire series by Sylvia Day seems to be the most relatable of erotic fiction, besides the abusive pasts. But still. Two self destructive 20-somethings that threaten to destroy each other, it’s vaguely arousing and it brings up the whole “I can’t decide whether to fuck or kill you” thing … add Facebook stalking and we’ve got a modern day romance.

6. The Kama Sutra

And last but certainly not least, the nonfiction, ever popular, Kama Sutra was mentioned as being a big hit around Valentine’s day. You know, for lovers who think it will be a good idea to spice up their bedroom routine but realize they lack the upper body strength to hold themselves in wheelbarrow for more than six seconds.