Everyone wants to be better in bed, but what makes someone truly unforgettable between the sheets?

Everyone wants to be better in bed, but what makes someone truly unforgettable between the sheets? What moves guarantee you'll be coming back for seconds again sometime in the very near future?

Great, question you/us/everyone. That's why we polled our audience to what once move they thought would elevate their partner's sex game to god status. And the answers we got back were … interesting, to say the least.


"The move to call a friend." – Cody, 25

"Don't neglect the scrotum." – Tyler, 27

"When felating, use your hand in an up and down motion. It's simple. Up and down. Not like you're shifting gears in a beat up tractor." – Travis, 29

"Any girl who willingly puts it in her ass is kind of unforgettable." – Aiden, 25

"Give me head without expecting anything in return. Just let me lay there for once." – Sam, 31

"Pull out your phone and film us having sex for a bit, then let me watch while I continue to fuck you." – Chris,  24

"Just once, I want to walk in the door and fuck my girlfriend, no words exchanged." – Sean, 22

"I actually really like when a girl rejects my advances once or twice. Makes me feel like I accomplished something." – Andy, 27

"Let me sleep with whomever I want, and sleep with whomever they want. And maybe sleep with all of them together if we've had enough to drink." – Peter, 33

"Know how to get yourself off in front of me." – Isaac, 27

"If you're going to go either dominant or submissive, commit to the role. Don't half ass it. Let me actually pull your hair." – Rick, 30


Life lessons: Guys seem to want a little more creativity and ingenuity … regular dick/pussy sex is great, but anyone can do it. So to truly set yourself apart and brand yourself as an unforgettable sex witch, create a unique situation he's (probably) never done with anyone else. Fun sex, not just sex. Know what we mean? Also, let them off the hook every now and then and blow their little dude faces off by giving them a blow job, then getting on with your day. No sex, just mouth fucking. Hardly any chicks do that … but maybe they will now YOU'RE WELCOME, MEN.


"Fuck me against a wall." – Mariah, 23

"After you orgasm, if I didn't come, eat me out or finger me so I can get off too. Never let me go to sleep without an orgasm." – Abby, 25

"Be down with using toys in the bedroom." – Elizabeth, 26

"Skillful clitoral stimulation. Not just knowing where it is but how to handle it." – Eliza, 24

"If a guy can feel comfortable being dominant, like picking me up and kind of throwing me around, I'm his." – Rachel, 21

"Don't ask me if I want something, just do it. I'll tell you if I'm not down." – Susanne, 28

"Be able to go more than once per night." – Anya, 30

"Understand that sometimes, sex isn't all about him, and it doesn't have to always be intercourse. Why can't guys just eat you out or finger you for a bit without expecting something in return?" – Melissa, 20

"That thing where they hold your face with their hand while kissing you, then brush their fingers over your lips." – Ursula, 23

"Confident eye contact." – Mary Beth, 25

"Pick me up and put me on the counter or the washing machine." – Amanda, 26

"Hit my G-Spot with their cock, and know how to keep the rhythm and pressure until I come." – Natalie, 27

"Eat me out until I tell him to stop." – Forest, 22

"Experiment with me. Be open to the sexual ideas I have." – Adrienne, 25

Life lessons: The things girls see as worthy of sex-god status aren't necessarily kinky … they more have to do with a man being comfortable and adroit when it comes to the power dynamic he's embodying (i.e. feeling comfortable being dominant) and making sure she gets the orgasm she's entitled to. Also, if a guy can create a sense of intimacy through eye-contact, being adventurous or certain types of knowledgeable touch … blast off. Of course, chicks love spontaneity … and walls … and counters. Stay the fuck away from the bed.