Hometown: Union, NJ 
Dream job: Music visual production.
Biggest pet peeve: Rude people. 
Describe what you look for in a partner: Someone chill, calm and down to earth. 
Why do you think you’re a catch? I’m pretty collected, fun and humorous. 
Do you think you’re a jealous person? No. 
What is the most annoying habit other couples do? Bicker in public.
What would you do if you had enough money to not need a job? Follow Nectar, man. 
What are a couple words your friends would use to describe you? Chill. Definitely heard that a few times. 
What was the worst phase/fad you ever got into? Being a scene kid, listening to hard core music. 
What’s your least favorite chore? Dishes, all day. 
How do you handle slow Internet connection? Horribly. 


Hometown: New York City, Greenwich Village
Dream job: I’ve been really into welding lately, so I’m going to go back to school for that. 
Biggest pet peeve: Not being able to handle your alcohol. 
Describe what you look for in a partner: I like being kept on my toes, someone who can push me to be better, also very attractive. 
Why do you think you’re a catch? I’m fucking awesome man! 
Do you think you’re a jealous person? Yes. Absolutely. Are you kidding me? Whats mine is mine! 
Who is the most fascinating person you have met? My grandpa 100 percent. He was in WWII and then bought the building that I grew up in and made the bottom a store front.
How do you handle slow Internet connection? Take a couple of shots while I’m waiting. After half an hour, if it’s still not going, I just throw my computer against the wall. 

This here is definitely an interesting matchup. After getting the dirt on each dater, we pull them aside to chat over house margaritas — at Esteban's in Boulder, Colorado — about what they think of one another and how the first impressions are going.

Before having a chance to meet them, what’s going through your head?
B: Definitely a little nervous. I was pretty unsure about it all. 
C: How much am I allowed to drink because this is going to be awkward as hell. And does my hair look good?

Then you see the dater, what are you thinking?
B: Seems cool. 
C: He looks just as nervous as I am. 

What’s the first thing you noticed about them?
B: Tattoos. 
C: I liked that he was sitting at the bar chilling with the ladies. 

How were the first impressions?
B: She’s cool. She’s from the East Coast so we’re definitely vibing. 
C: Good! He’s a sweetheart. He’s a genuinely nice guy. 

Are they someone you’d normally date?
B: Potentially. 
C: No, he doesn’t seem like the typical asshole I attract.

Give us three words that describe your current dating life. 
B: One word, Inconsistent. 
C: Serta, Sealy, Mattress King. 

What’s the stupidest thing you ever did because you were bored?
B: I feel like there’s a lot of answers to this …
C: Thrown an empty whiskey bottle at a TV. 

What do you usually do to unwind?
B: Smoke pot. 
C: Drink. 

Where do you usually meet people?
B: Amongst other friends, small gatherings. Not necessarily out in public places like bars.
C: At the bar. 

What advice did your friends give you?
B: Fucking go for it, it’s a sweet opportunity. Legendary is what my roommate said. 
C: Shower, throw on a cute outfit, and be the bad-ass bitch that you are.

This here is definitely an interesting matchup. After getting the dirt on each of them, we pull them aside to chat over house margaritas about what they think of one another and how the first impressions are going.

How was dinner?
B: Dinner was good.
C: Good! I think we’re gonna get another taco. 

How’s the date going?
B: Date is going well. 
C: Oh good! Or well. 

Now that you’ve had time to talk, are you attracted to them?
B: Yes. 
C: I think he’s got an awesome personality. 

If you could give them a trophy what would it be for?
B: Being from the East Coast. 
C: He’s sure in his statements. He says it and he means it. 

What do you and the dater have in common?
B: We’re from the East Coast. 
C: The more he drinks, the more I can see a little bit of his asshole signs, which is nice. 

Is there a sport you could see them doing in the Olympics?
B: Bobsled. 
C: Is water polo a thing? 

Are you holding back?
B: Yes. 
C: No. Never. 

What would your friends and family say about them?
B: She’s a lovely lady. 
C: Oh, he’s the good choice. 

How’s the chemistry?
B: It’s there. 
C: We get along really well. 

Are you looking forward to more time with them?
B: Yeah …
C: Yeah! I think I’m gonna test his drinking skills at The Outback, or Illegal Pete’s.

How did Rooster do picking your date and date spot?
B: Great. Couldn’t have picked a better place. 
C: Spots great. He’s a great guy.

It appears like a successful matchup, as the daters left together before we packed up for the night. A few days later, we follow up with them to see if his drinking skills held up to hers.

What happened after dinner? 
B: We got another drink at Pete’s then grabbed some more booze and hung out at mine for a few. 
C: We went to hang out at Illegal Pete’s on Pearl, and then met up with a few whiskey queens.


Would you go on a road trip with them?
B: Yeah, sure.
C: I don’t think so.

What was your favorite part of the date?
B: The margaritas.
C: He was from NJ, so we had a few things in common. After the fourth margarita, we had plenty to chat about.

After all was said and done, how was the night?
B: It was fun! Glad I went.
C: I had a great time! The tacos and drinks were delicious, and everyone was very rad.

What late night food would you order with them?
B: A pizza, which we did order.
C: I’m just gonna make some cupcakes!

Final question, would you go on a second date with them? 
B: Yeah, we got along well.
C: Nah.


It sounds like his drinking skills did just fine for at least one night of fun. Hanging out after and ordering pizza? Isn’t that what we did before Netflix and chill? Although Rooster is chalking this one up to mostly a win, no second date for this couple apparently — according to Clare anyway.