Name: Hailey 

Hometown: Highlands Ranch, Colo.

Dream job: If I was good at it, probably a photographer. 

Biggest pet peeve: When people try to put themselves off as something other than what they are. 

Describe what you look for in a partner: Funny, charismatic and super outgoing. 

One thing you can’t live without? Pizza. 

Why do you think you’re a catch? I think that I am a versatile person. I can be smart at times, I can be fun and outgoing at times, and I’m not afraid to try new things. 

What is your Zodiac sign? Sagittarius. 

Favorite TV series to binge on? Shameless.

What is the most annoying habit other couples do? Exclude other people, whether it’s in public or from your friends.

Name: Kuel 

Hometown: Omaha, Neb.

Dream job: To become a microbiologist. 

Biggest pet peeve: Harboring unsettled emotions. 

Describe what you look for in a partner: Stability, openness and honesty. Honesty has to be the first one, of course.  

What is your Zodiac sign? I don’t care for Zodiacs. So astrologically, I do not care. 

Do you think you’re a jealous person? Maybe in the right circumstances. If it calls for it I might be, but other than that I’m not. If I’m in need of emotional support or something I’ll be jealous. 

Favorite TV series to binge on? Rick and Morty and

What is the most annoying habit other couples do? They are couples, I’m not in any position to say anything about them, unless it’s in my bubble. 

We’re able to hang out with Hailey one-on-one for a minute before the date actually begins because the original male dater bails. As we plot ways to spoil other Tinder dates not going so well at the restaurant, a brave soul steps in at the last minute.

Before having a chance to meet them, what’s going through your head?

H: Before coming to the restaurant, I was interested in seeing how the whole process works. After some mishaps, I was interested to see who this person was who was coming. 

K: How fast do I get here, and which route do I take? 

Then you see the dater, what are you thinking?

H: Not what I expected! But he was immediately very outgoing. 

K: Typical Boulder girl, noticed she is blonde. I don’t know her well yet, but she’s pretty cool. 

What’s the first thing you noticed about them?

H: His awesome shirt. 

K: She’s got nice eyebrows. Definitely nice eyebrows. 

How were the first impressions?

H: We had easy conversation and it didn’t ever seem awkward which is a good thing. 

K: I don’t solely base a person on first impressions, but it’s like continual I guess. 

Are they someone you’d normally date?

H: Probably not. Definitely out of my realm. 

K: I don’t date much, so it’s up in the air. 

What are you looking for from the date?

H: Right now, just getting to know another person and have some fun! 

K: I can’t say. I still don’t know her yet. 

Give us three words that describe your current dating life. 

H: Not long term. 

K: No love lost. 

Where do you usually meet people?

H: Bars and through mutual friends. 

K: At the Walrus, of course.

What advice did your friends give you?

H: They were the ones who set me up with this, so they were super pumped for me to try something that I’ve never done and be myself. 

K: I didn’t ask for advice because it was last minute.

The date isn’t going well since the matchup isn’t exactly a planned event, but the two seem to be making the most of the spontaneity and are enjoying meeting a new person. After they dig into some of the brewery’s specialty bar-b-que and other food, we pull them aside to see if a few pints of craft beer and delicious food have helped get these two feeling more into each other.

How was dinner?

H: It was very good! 

K: It was great! So good. 

How’s the date going?

H: It’s going well, the conversation is good. 

K: It’s going pretty well … At least I think it is. Besides the whole first 15 minutes. 

Now that you’ve had time to talk, are you attracted to them?

H: I think that he has a fun personality for sure. 

K: Yes, yes I am. 

If you could give them a trophy what would it be for?

H: I would say positivity. He turns the negative things around pretty well. 

K: Conversationalist. She definitely knows how to make conversation. 

What do you and the dater have in common?

H: We both love football. 

K: Nothing, I think that’s what makes it a lot more interesting. 

Are you holding back?

H: I wouldn’t say so. I’m being outgoing. 

K: Yeah, because I still don’t know her. It’s not like I can do much, I’d rather be myself. 

What would your friends and family say about them?

H: They would say he’s a nice guy. Probably not the type I usually go for. 

K: She’s pretty cool, my family would get used to her right away. 

How’s the chemistry?

H: Small to nonexistent. It’s more of a friendly conversation at this point. 

K: Chemistry is going pretty well, I think, maybe … we haven’t had any awkward moments yet. 

Are you looking forward to more time with them?

H: Possibly as friends, maybe. If there wasn’t a spotlight on it like now, it would be more casual. 

K: Yeah! Definitely if it’s outside of her schedule, for sure. 

How did Rooster do picking your date and date spot?

H: The restaurant is awesome! I’ve never been to the new Boulder Beer. The drinks are good, the food is really good. I think the date happened on a whim so it was awesome to be able to come up with one on the spot. 

K: The venue is absolutely beautiful. The girl is very nice. Rooster definitely did well.

Our last minute matchup isn’t going nearly as bad as it could have. That’s a plus. Although the couple isn’t super into one another, the date is going well enough we decide to leave them alone and follow up a few days later to see if we missed anything.

What happened after dinner? 

H: We had one more drink, said our goodbyes, and I believe he stayed and hung out with some friends at Boulder Beer.

K: We sort of exchanged info but I couldn’t help the air of a mutual decision of never talking to each other again.

What was your favorite part of the date?

H: The food was delicious, and the drinks were amazing! Also had a good laugh in the beginning.

K: Favorite part of the dinner was actually getting to sit down to getting to know each other even though it felt like a game of speed.

After all was said and done, how was the night?

H: I definitely didn’t regret anything. I would say it wasn’t the best date of my life (due to the circumstances in the beginning), but wasn’t ever awkward or anything like that.

K: A beautiful night with a gorgeous venue and great people … smooth.

Would you have changed anything about the date?

H: Once we got through the fact that one person didn’t show, it was totally normal. So if I could have changed anything, it would have been to have (one of them) show up from the get-go.

K: Have a Rick and Morty theme next time with Rick’s portal ready for me to … never mind. 

Final question, would you go on a second date with them? 

H: There didn’t seem to be much chemistry there, so probably wouldn’t go on a second date.

K: I don’t think I would go on a date with her again, just two different people at different parts in life. Yeah, I like excuses.


This date may have been a loss from the beginning, but we were fortunate to have Kuel step in last minute. With the circumstances as they were, we may owe the daters redemption dates soon with people better matched for them both. We understand these days bailing on a date last minute might be “acceptable,” but come on fellas, never leave a girl hanging like that — especially with free dinner and drinks. Big thanks too to the amazing staff of Boulder Beer for helping us get through it together as well as providing amazing food and great drinks. Be our next blind date and you know … show up.