Six times more ladies sounds exhausting, but we'll give it a try anyway. 

In today's super ADHD online dating culture, you only get one shot to impress the future love of your life. Tragically, it all comes down to your looks when that sexy lady has her thumb hovering over your picture. If, however, you look like you fell off a truck at highway speeds, you can still trick women into thinking you're attractive. 

How, you ask? The enterprising gold diggers over at What's Your Price? did a little research. As a dating site that effectively turns OKCupid into a sexy eBay, they asked 50,000 of their users what profile pic configuration made them most want to click the "yes please" button. 

Wearing a suit and tie: 6x more likely

In a travel setting: 4x more likely

Showing off their abs: 4x more likely 

Selfie: 3x more likely 

Pictured with an exotic car: 2x more likely

Far and away, suiting up proves that you're a classy bro who will treat your lady right. And therefore, if you want the maximum amount of dates possible, the answer is clear. When abroad, take a selfie next to an exotic car, wearing a suit but showing off your abs. Simple. 

And ladies, we'd never forget about you. The average female user on their site gets offered 120 dates in a six month period. If that's not enough for you, it turns out women who pose in bikinis got roughly 10 times more offers for dates than their clothed counterparts. 

In summary: Men, get your suit on. Ladies, get your girls out.