There isn’t much you can’t get away with in Vegas … except this

There isn’t much you can’t get away with in Vegas: drinking for 24 hours, strip clubs for 24 hours, buffets 24 hours, getting married to the one-night stand you fell in love with over dollar slots and Long Island Ice Teas. But it turns out Sin City does have a conscience and there is one thing that they look down upon, public sex. 

A Houston man and woman are facing felony sex charges after authorities say they were recorded having sex in public during a 30-minute ride in a glass enclosed cabin on the High Roller Ferris wheel 550 feet above the strip.

Security arrested the couple after surveillance cameras and other passengers witnessed the incident high above the skyline at the Linq Hotel. 

Why Vegas is cracking down on Ferris wheel sex when the town’s motto is maintaining secrecy is beyond us. Even the High Roller advertises a Happy Half Hour for adults where you need to be 21+ and there’s an open bar. Of course there are  illegal things happening in the glass cabin on the Ferris wheel. It's Vegas! This couple was only partaking in the slogan of "What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas" and for that, we thank them.