We conducted a little survey to find out how sex feels like when you're high on everything from cocaine to moon rocks and everything in between.

For the majority of your adult life, if you wanted to know what it felt like to have sex on a certain drug, you had to actually do the damn thing, three day come-down and all. Archaic! Of course, that was before we went out and interviewed every young professional and college student we could get our hands on to find out what sex is like on every drug for you, so you don't have to.

Probably the biggest thing we noticed when talking with people about sex on drugs was the incredibly high degree of variability between people on the same drug; one drug can have completely opposite effects on two people, or even on the same person when they take it multiple times. That makes sense; since there's so much impurity in drugs these days it makes it hard to know whether the drug you're doing is the drug you intended to do. Therefore, it's really difficult to generalize the effect of a drug on someone's sex lives. Not everyone has great sex on E, and some people have the best sex of their lives on heroin. You just never know.

The only thing you do know is your own body and how likely you are personally to have a certain reaction to something. Because of that, we did our very bestest to give you a range of experiences to read about. We even included a ranking of how much better sex is on each drug for you in case you're of the numerical persuasion: the ranking is out of 10, with 10 being way, way better than sober sex and 0 being the same as sober sex.

Oh, and by the way, we're in no way saying you should go out and do any of these drugs. No drugs for you!

Okay, we good? Great. Without further adieu, here's what it's like to have sex on (pretty much) every drug.

MDMA Family


Rating compared to sober: 9

"Extremely enhanced tactile sensation that I'd describe makes running a finger down the forearm feel velvety and fuzzy, the substance with the strongest effect on empathy and emotion, erection issues and trouble cumming on higher doses. Personally its intrinsically cuddly instead of sexual. Orgasms, if you can manage to get there, are mindblowingly strong, long lasting ridiculousness that make you appear to be possessed and leave you a breathless pile of sweat. A tip for guys, if you don't have access to dick pills, try and keep your MDMA dosage below 150 mg (probably best around 100mg) as moderate dosages can give most of the sensory effects while not rendering you completely sexually dysfunctional. And only take 1/3 a dick pill as healthy guys won't need much and dosing it too high causes uncomfortable heart strain." – Anonymous male

Moon Rocks

Rating compared to sober: 4.5

"The best part about sex on moon rocks is oral. Anything that feels velvety, smooth, slow and caring feels fucking amazing. But as for actual penetration, it's not that much better than regular sex. It's hard to have fast, hard sex but a lot easier to have slow, gentle sex, which can be passionate but it's not heart-pounding, "I feel taken" passionate. My boyfriend had a really hard time coming. I licked his balls for like 45 minutes because I wanted something in my mouth, and I feel asleep doing it. The whole time, I wasn't really that horny, but he was. I didn't come, but I liked the pleasure of having his fingers slowly drift over my skin or the heightened sensation of his lips." Female, 25

"Fucking amazing, but hard to come. When you finally do though, oh my god … " – Male, 26


Rating compared to sober: 5

"Sex on E is great and is good for relationship building. I think it would be better with someone you loved than a one nighter because it is the "love drug,"  but I recommend boning on the drug any time and look forward to my next experience. Also gives way to new positions that may have been a problem before because all inhibitions are lost." – Anonymous female

"Guys on ecstasy have problems getting an erection and both males and females have a harder time reaching orgasm. There are no exceptions for this; it is the way the chemical works on the human body.  You might need to go for hours so have a couple of lines of speed handy before you do the deed." – Anonymous male

"Absolutely fucking incredible.  Every inch of the body, every bit of skin, becomes orgasmic.  Just being touched, rubbed, and kissed sends unbelievable waves of phenomenal pleasure coursing through the body.  Intercourse—its like being on the verge of climax, and having just climaxed, the whole time—so intense you just want to fuck harder and harder, feeling everything so intense it really has to be tried by everyone.  A strong roll makes it difficult to actually cum though, but the whole thing is so orgasmic it's almost ok…. The effects of the drug also make you incredibly comfortable with the person you’re with—its like making love, especially powerful if the person you’re fucking is a significant other.  Definitely doesn’t ruin sex when you’re sober, like some people would claim it does…" – Male, 28

Cocaine/ Crack

Rating compared to sober: 7.5

"Great every single time. It makes me last about the same as I do sober but it feels like the best nut you ever busted, times 10. And for some reason, I can fuck at least 3 times a night,  but I'm like a super soaker huge nut . Plus, if someone's doing it with you, they always lose a little inhibition so it's more intense." Male, 27

"Similar to alcohol where it gets you all horny and ready to go … but then when  you're actually fucking everything is kinda numb. Usually, it's not as sloppy as with alcohol, but I still don't really orgasm even though it feels good." Female, 24

"Both drugs can make you feel physically strong, horny, more sexually aggressive or confident, and with more stamina for longer sessions. Your sense of touch can be heightened, and you might get longer, stronger orgasms. As your inhibitions are lowered, you might be more likely to have unsafe sex. Cocaine's pain-killing effect can lead to rougher sex, making your cock and arse sore or bleed. You might not notice this damage but it makes it easier for HIV, hepatitis C and other infections to be passed on. Problems getting a hard-on, difficulty coming and lower sex drive can be other side effects, especially if the dose is big or you take it for a long time." – DrugFucked.com

"Don’t do too much. If you do, it'll be hard to get an erection, but it's easier than with alcohol. Just a bit too much blow, half a line too much, and you’ll be needing a hell of a blow job to jump start things—even though you’re horny as hell.  Once you get it going, its definitely a different sensation than normal sex, climax feels great, kinda numb though; after it's over I always felt like a little more was supposed to come out, hmm.  Word to the wise—if you’re being drug tested, and your partner is doing coke, do not kiss your them on the mouth; the drainage/ cocaine residue in their saliva is enough to cause you test hot for coke… no bullshit." Male, 29


Rating compared to sober: -1,000

"Generally people who use opiates habitually tend to go without sex. I guess sex is just a second thought when the almighty opiates are overpowering primal urges. Most tmes where I have used opiates habitually, I have caused my sex drive to hit close to zero." – Female, 30

"The key to successful sex on opiates is moderation. And with drug users, moderation rarely is an option. However, if you can control your use and are anticipating sex, the right combination can make for a hell of an evening. Initially, I would not use on the days I was planning on getting laid, because sex without orgasm (especially for males) is frustrating and can often lead an unsuspecting female to think that you don't find her sexually stimulating enough for her to get you off. And women know that it doesn't take much to make a guy cum (a *preferably* wet hole to thrust into is all we need, right guys?) and when she can't get you off, she takes it personally. Not good for your future chances for a piece." – Male, 30


Rating compared to sober: 5

"My biggest problem with sex on weed is that I get lazy, my mouth gets dry, and sometimes I get dry down there.  I feel like once you get going its pretty great… but it definitely isn't an aphrodisiac. I did try Foria though and OMG I want to shower in that shit." – Female, 22

“My boyfriend and I have smoked (fairly heavily) for the past year and I would say that it 100% has a terrible effect on our sex life. It’s been a huge libido killer for our relationship.” – Female, 20

"Contrary to popular belief not all buds are alike. Some of it makes you want to be very sexual and I’ve had some of the best orgasms of my life after using marijuana. Some of it makes you feel more introverted and thoughtful. Perhaps you should consider that like any drug, there are variations of it that give different responses.” – Male, 27

"Marijuana engulfs me in sex foam. I’m just pure sex on that stuff. It’s great. I could never feel that way sober or drunk.” – Female, 26

"After smoking, I can feel my nipples perk up, clitoris tingle, and vagina become wet to the point that I can feel it through my pants and my man knows he is in for a LONG night.” – Female, 24

"Cannabis is soooo good for sex that sometimes it can become awkward because the woman might get the wrong idea …” – Male, 34


"I love fucking when I'm drunk. You have zero sense of self-doubt or body issues, and you think you're super hot. You have no inhibitions, so it's super passionate and impulsive feeling. Anytime I get drunk, I instantly want to fuck somebody; it makes you feel reckless and you forget about your cares. I like the way it feels like things are happening to you, not that you're making them happen." Female, 25

"Apart from the occasional whisky dick, drunk sex is awesome. Depending on how drunk you are, the sensations are deadened a little, but you have little else on your mind at the time you're having sex so it makes up for it." – Male, 23

"Sex on alcohol is dumb. You can't feel shit and one of you either falls asleep or pukes." – Male, 23

"Yeah, it can make me think with my dick instead of my head.  Can’t say I’ve always made the best decisions with whoever it was with.  Everybody knows it breaks the ice and gets things going, and helps reduce sensitivity, i.e. helps extend the time to climax (but proper breathing can too) but ut can tend to deaden the sensation of climax a little bit, especially the next morning.  The key to sex on alcohol is having just the right amount—a little buzzed, but not too wrecked—enough to remember everything, to be present and feel her skin buzzing all over yours.  Waking up the next morning wondering who the hell this girl in your bed is, and what the hell is wrong with her face is not a pleasant experience." – Male 29


Rating compared to sober: 0

"I remember trying some sex experimentation on K several times, never with any great success. Sex takes too long and requires too much concentration for that dimension. It usually started out seeming really cool, but then my mind would go off racing after the next other dimensional pinball whizzing by. I think the same thing was happening with my partner. We tried experiments where one was high and the other was not. Again, it was fun for a while, but even someone trying to please me wasn't enough to keep my attention. I generally forgot she was there after a while and couldn't feel my body anyway–come on, it's an anesthetic! It pretty much deadens physical feeling (at least in the doses I was taking)." – Female, 28

"Has a numbing effect which diminishes the sexual stimulation and makes for a mediocre orgasm … only interesting in its novelty." – Anonymous male

"Although ketamine can make you feel horny, it can make it difficult to get a hard-on or come. K is used by some fisters as it relaxes the arse muscles. As the drug makes you feel pain less, rough sex can lead to damage inside your arse or cuts and bleeding that aren’t noticed. This may mean more risk of HIV, hepatitis C and other infections being passed on." – DrugFucked.com


Rating compared to sober: 8, then decreasing progressively as you use more

"At first it's the best sex you've ever had. Or you think it was. After you use for a few years you have a hard time even getting it up. You take more satisfaction in masturbating although your fantasies involve actual desire for real sex. You'll tend to avoid participatory sex because half the time you can't cum or it takes so long your partner gets sore. The orgasm is still awesome but it might take hours and hours to get there. You'll probably get frustrated and stop after awhile. All in all it's one of the worst things to experience when you're an experienced user. Your mind is so screwed up and distorted. You'll hire escorts and pay for sensual massages." – Male, 32

"We had sex sometimes when I was still under the influence a bit, generally I wanted it rougher, and for him to not love on me, and usually I could not get off just from fucking, so it would end up with me furiously trying to jack off with a vibrator, screaming about my Technicolor fifteen minute long orgasms and biting a hole in the blanket and finally realizing he had gone to watch TV (or cry) over an hour ago." – Female, 28

"Crystal can make a man feel very horny, even sexually compulsive. Some guys on crystal take sexual risks they wouldn't normally, like picking up or passing on HIV. Crystal often stops men from coming or getting a hard-on, which is known as ‘crystal dick’. Sex on crystal has been described as cold, aggressive or disconnected." – DrugFucked.com


Rating compared so sober: 5

"Jesus Christ, it'ss like being insatiable.  Speed causes people to become unreasonably fixated and determined to do what it is they are doing, so if you start having sex, it becomes a fabulous, good hard fuck session. Speed and meth cause an unnatural release of neurotransmitters, including dopamine and serotonin, so the initial feeling is similar to having sex on MDMA—super powerful, waves of intense, incredible pleasure that is rarely rivaled by other drugs.  I once had sex with my girlfriend, no bullshit, for 24 hours straight (with little breaks (5 min or less)).  By the end of it all, she was so destroyed from soreness we couldn’t have sex for several days, not to mention our brains and bodies were so drained it was like we made ourselves sick.  Sex was great, for the first 6-8 hours, then you just can’t stop, and in the end, its not worth it.  Stay away from speed, if you want the next best solution to drug induced powerful, euphoric, incredible sex, stick with molly—that way you can get some sleep when you’re done." – Male, 28



Rating compared to sober: 2

"We undressed and got into bed, and Erica invited me to watch the room breathe. I stared at the walls but couldn’t see it, and wondered aloud why the fuck you would want to do that anyway. Erica and I began to kiss and writhe around, but strangely enough, sex was the furthest thing from my mind. The mushrooms I had taken were supposed to be magic, but my penis was looking decidedly shiitake-like. Erica and I kissed and held each other for fifteen minutes, but I simply had no hydraulic action. Bah! Spooning followed." – Grant Stoddard for Nerve

"Fun but shrooms have a tendency to make you very distractible.  Shrooming hard and having sex is quite difficult.  One second you’re into it, at full salute, the next minute you’re lost in an ocean of head trip, limp as a wet noodle, just to realize what the two of you were trying to do, just to repeat the process all over again.  The visuals are beautiful though–seeing her naked body covered in colorful sacred geometry, coursing over every curve, is some of the best eye candy you could ask for.  If you manage to keep sex going, climax is incredible, like soft shock waves  ignite in your loins, traveling simultaneously through your central nervous system—its like you can “see” how it feels…" – Male, 26


Rating compared to sober: 4

"This is a weird one … You have to get to the brink of orgasm, take the first massive hit and hold it, quickly stimulate back up to the brink, take the second hit to clear and hold, then right as the world is going and the vibrations consume you. Exhale and cum. I’ve only tried a few times, but even with sub-hyperspace doses, the orgasm is quite strong. The one time I took a hyperspace dose, of course I had to have the girl do the work as you become unable to function, but I remember a few seconds of blinding orgasm before becoming oblivious to any external sensation. DMT completely overpowers the orgasm if the does is too high." – Anonymous male


Rating compared to sober: 6

"It can be amazing, or really confusing … but either way it feels so good. I think its cool because it brings you to another level with who you're with and makes all the feelings way more intense. Last time I had sex on acid it seemed like it lasted forever. But it can also be awkward because bodies are awkward and everything looks repulsive when you are tripping." – Female, 23

"My experience: Yes, provided you can stifle any giggle fits and can focus on the task. It took my wife quite a while to compose herself lol. But holy shit, once we got going…..I've never felt a stronger sense of sexual unity before or after. I felt like her body was just an extension of mine, and I was instinctively moving in rhythm to what I felt her body "ask" for. It was insane." – Male, 30

"LSD can make you feel horny and heighten your sense of touch and hallucinations can be erotic. Sex on acid can seem to last much longer than it actually does. Because the drug can lower your inhibitions and change how you see reality, it might be easier to act out sexual fantasies. Lower inhibitions can also cloud your judgement about safer sex.  Because there’s always a risk of a bad trip, sex on LSD is best done with someone you know well and trust." – DrugFucked.com


"Like a cross between lsd and mushrooms—unbelievably intense, similar to molly in the increase of total body sensitivity—incredible mind bending visuals make her appear enticing, gorgeous. With the right dosage level your mind is clear and able to think despite how intense the visuals are.  Each pump feels as if you’re flying into the sky, and crashing back down, penetrating is incredible and the act of sex is mind-bending and erotic." – Male, 27



Rating compared to sober: 6

"These amphetamines improve tactility, and focus you on the task, good orgasms." Male, 22

"Adderall makes me super horny!  It gets me going and seems to not affect my ability to orgasm. Prob my fave to fuck on because it gives you energy, makes you horny but not numb, and always makes me wanna go for like 2-3 times in a row." Female, 24

"Makes me horny as all hell and little sensitive, and too eager … Get ready girl cuz we’re gonna have to get the first one out of the way real quick, then we can go to work for the next hour or so and do it up proper." – Male, 26


Rating compared to sober: 2

"Erection issues, and while in some ways there is a sensory numbing, at the same time there is a bit of sensory enhancement as well." – Anonymous male


"When I first started hydrocodone (and morphine/codeine) it completely killed my sex drive so bad that I couldn't even get it up, which I never had a problem with before. It ruined my relationship with this chick I'm freakin' in love with and we were even engaged but I fucking couldn't get it up … now that's pain." – Male, 30


"Stay awake on this drug and it turns into a cross between a light dose of LSD and and a benzodiazpene, like Xanax—its quite fun and relaxing.  It hyper-sensitizes the skin and can put you in a conscious trance—the sex is stimulating, you can choose to cum, or keep on going.  Foreplay is recommended.  Take a shot of alcohol to intensify its effects, but for the love of god don’t take more than 1 or 2 shots—the alcohol-ambien combination can black you out very quickly, then cause you to do some very, very bizarre things…" – Male, 20