Science explains why you look like you're having a slow motion standoff with a ghost when you come.

If you've ever experienced the supreme pleasure of orgasm, you know that during one, your face looks like it would if someone stubbed all of your toes and gave you a proctology exam in one fell swoop.

Your eyes squint up like someone just dropped hot fire into them. Your cheeks say "DADDY ANGRY," regardless of gender. " Your mouth is curled into a silent scream.

Why does it happen? Why, at the moment that you should look your best, do you look like you're having a slow-motion standoff with a ghost?

Spanish scientists looked into it. In a 2011 study, they analyzed 100 videos of people's faces as they came to see if they could discern any overarching patterns.

As the people climaxed, they most commonly did the following face moves:

•    92 percent closed their eyes
•    67 percent dropped their jaws
•    48 percent frowned or lowered their brows
•    44 percent parted their lips

Great! Now you know what you have to do to be special: open your eyes WIDE as you come and raise your brows. The ultimate surprise! It's not creepy, it's special.

The most common configuration of these facial moves was a jaw drop and closed eyes, which is how 36 percent of the study participants looked as they came. The researchers guessed that the reason for this is that some of these expressions are like reflexes, a simple release of muscular tension as you approach orgasm.

That would explain why you look like you just got electrocuted as you come; you have no control over your face in that moment. On that note, you could also look more like you're in pain than pleasure, because the same brain regions that light up during pain are stimulated during sexual arousal. Electrocution = ecstasy.

It might not look the best for the person having sex with you … but that's what doggy-style is for.