Sometimes mid-coitus moans are involuntary, but there’s no doubt women can also use their moans strategically. Natural sex noises are our bodies’ automatic way of communicating when we’re overwhelmed with pleasure that defies words. Sometimes 'HHngngnaaauummyyya' is the most eloquent way we can express the idea, “'these vaginal sensations are delightful.”

Women often use moaning to communicate sexual preferences. Moans provide the partner with positive feedback when they’re doing something especially pleasurable, encouraging them to repeat actions which make her howl loud enough to wake the giants from their thousand-year slumber. Moaning also sends messages of sexual ability and gratitude, telling a partner the elbow grease they’ve applied to her genitals is effective and appreciated.

Research shows that women also use moaning to manipulate. Ladies know that their carnal shrieks are a real turn-on, so they’ll deliberately wail like Chewbacca when they want to help their partner climax. These moans aren’t always a signal that they’re savoring the vigorous smacking of your balls against their taint. Women say they sometimes try to speed up their partner’s orgasm because it hurts, it’s boring, they’re tired, or they need to finish up and get back to being a busy adult with many important things to do.

The soundtrack to sex isn’t gurgling or yodeling or slam poetry – it’s moaning and groaning and making more noise than a herd of thundering wildebeests. It’s like a sexual superpower, enhancing your own pleasure, teaching partners how to please you, and making them ejaculate on command. So find your own voice, use it sincerely, and let the neighbors know your partner’s name — because you scream it in the throes of ecstasy, not because you’re federally required to introduce them as a registered sex offender.