Perhaps it’s time to stop resisting your destiny and embrace your fate as a leather daddy. Although you might believe you’re attracting a rare type of woman, the truth is that women who crave some component of BDSM are far more common than not. Research indicates that 96 percent of women have experienced fantasies of BDSM. 

The problem is likely your perceptions surrounding BDSM or a misunderstanding of what women mean when they confess it’s something they want to try. BDSM encompasses a variety of erotic practices that play with dynamics of power, control, or rough sex. Women prefer to play the submissive role more often than the dominant one. The most popular sub duties include bondage — the use of physical restraints; masochism — deriving sexual gratification from receiving pain; and of course, submission — giving up control to be manipulated for someone else’s pleasure.

When women say they want to be “dominated,” they often mean that they’re craving having decisions made for them. They want to surrender control of their body and allow themselves to be used as a sexual object. It allows women to get out of their own heads and focus on their own pleasure, rather than their sexual hang-ups or anxieties. 

Spanking, whipping, and paddling are so much more than activities at Sigma Chi’s community brotherhood night — they can be a service for your partner(s), allowing them to be liberated from conscious effort and active thinking. Instead of searching for your vanilla Cinderella, try to make sense of each partner’s unique interpretation of BDSM and see if it aligns with your own desires. If not, there’s always a gentler intimacy to be found in the comfortable solace of getting balls-deep in your anime body pillow. 


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