We just hope she signed a prenup.

A Houston woman has made good on her promise that if she didn't find love by her 40th birthday, she'd marry herself.  We just hope she signed a prenup.

Unable to find a man fit for the job, Yasmin Eleby tied the knot with herself at the Houston Museum of African American Culture on January 3. She had 10 bridesmaids in attendance to see to her every need, as well as a gaggle of family and other guests on hand to celebrate the romance.

The wedding reception also reportedly sung 'I Believe I Can Fly" to commemorate the glorious occasion.

And because you can't legally marry yourself in this puritanical country, the ceremony was spiritual rather than legal, and was conducted by three ministers, one of whom is Ms Eleby's sister.

No word yet on whether she consecrated the union that night, but one thing's for sure:  if she needed an excuse to masturbate, all she had to say was "Shaquille O'Neal, TV, now." Surely there's no need to go and spend 10K on a wedding just to avoid the sin of premarital sex.

As for her honeymoon plans, she's jetting off to Cambodia, Laos, and a jazz festival in Dubai. She must have married into some serious cash money.

Good old self-marriage. It happened on Glee and Sex and the City, and it's legal in Japan, so it's no wonder single women are clamoring to get to the alter with themselves in tow as of late.

Maybe it's just women's response to the single population ever increasing and the recent trend of people becoming more and more self-interested and privileged. Maybe self-marriage is the natural next step for today's ladies of a certain age; they're too busy to meet men or women they can stand, too independent to put up meekly with the tiresome habits and energy-sapping demands of relationships, they've seen one too many episodes of "Say Yes to the Dress" and are thus eager-beavering their way to Jared's for an engagement rock as the drones of a hyper-capitalist society demand. Maybe.

This whole self-marriage thing is quite an existential crisis. Because, aren't all single people kind of married to themselves? You're the only person you have to care for in sickness and in health. You can't ever cheat on yourself because that doesn't make any goddamn sense. And you'll spend the rest of your life with yourself, until death does you part. you can't get divorced without the help of a really crafty shrink. By that logic, self marriage is the same thing as renewing your vows; you're already married; you just need an excuse to have a party. Redundancy-central.

Although, you can't argue the fact that self-marriage sets standards. It's basically saying that right now, you're the only person good enough for you. Plus, marrying yourself is a hell of a lot better than marrying a Douche Douchebaggia just so you're not alone.

In fact, the CEO of the complex where Yasmin held her wedding, John Guess Jr,  thinks that once men see how  well she treats herself, she could have some competition for herself. “She’s attractive, she works hard, and she’s worldwide,” he said, referring to the fact that her wedding has gone viral.

"She also has a sense of humor about the situation too," he adds. Well if you love her so much, why don't you marry her!