Women can often go to the bar with five dollars for cover and not much else, yet still ending the night more drunk than someone else who spent his savings on one night’s tab … plus hers. This is because of an intimidating strategy to drinking for free women have intelligently acquired over the years.

To get under the secret, we asked women how shady they can actually be.


“It’s all about the eye contact. If they make eye contact with you, they’re willing to buy you a drink.”
-Alex, 22

Women say they target the guys at the bar who are standing alone or just with other guy friends — even approaching the male who doesn’t have a drink in their hand already. Chances are they need to buy themselves one, too.

But there's an easier way. A lot of the women said they purposefully approach a belligerently drunk male when they are feeling the easy way out. If he’s careless enough to forget how many drinks he had that night, what’s a few more for the cute girl talking to him?

“When all else fails, just flirt with the bartender. They usually have their own personal tab.”
–Brittany, 21


“Go right up next to them at the bar, don’t say anything, but make sure they notice you! Once they start talking to you, ask them what they’re drinking. Act like you’re going to buy yourself one, and usually they’ll offer to buy it.”
–Gianna, 21

By initiating conversation first, it sparks a connection. It’s all in the emotional manipulation.

“Always have a drink in your hand. If you start conversing with a guy with a drink in your hand you look independent and they will not think you are just using them. They’ll feel more confident that you actually find them attractive. Guys love a confidence boost.”
–Brooke, 21

It’s the gesture more than the actual spending of the money.

“Stand next to them at the bar and look available. After conversation starts, and they still haven’t offered to buy a drink, take matters into your own hands. Say, ‘oh, let’s take shots!’ or something. That’s your way to get in there, because he is the one to order them.”


“If the guy is annoying, I’ll let him buy me a drink and then I’ll go back to hanging with my girlfriends. If the bar is super crowded it’s super easy to be like, ‘oh I got lost in the crowd.’ If he’s cool, I’ll hang for a little bit.”

Many of the women compared their drink to an hourglass here. If the conversation is going well, it somehow dies when she’s slurping the rest of the vodka dripping from the ice.

“They probably have about 10-15 minutes to make a good impression.”

So, make it a good one.


“I go to the bathroom and never come back.”
–Natalie, 21

“The bathroom is always the excuse.”

“After a few minutes, I just say I’m going to go to the bathroom. I don’t even say I’ll come back. I just say I’ll see them around.”


“Sometimes I expect to like the guy, but sometimes I just want my tequila.”

“I expect to get a drink, but if a guy’s cool, that just means I’ll get a lot of drinks. I don’t expect to really like him, but I also don’t expect to dislike him.”

Most of the women we spoke with said they don’t expect to like the guy; however, they are sometimes pleasantly surprised. Do the ladies act this way because they feel the men are expecting something?

“Yeah, I think most guys think when they buy you a drink they are God’s gift to Earth and you have to stick around. I’ve had guys follow me around just because he bought me one drink.”

“Guys definitely think you owe them a conversation, a dance, your number, etc.”

“Oh, always. I’ve literally had a guy be like ‘okay, so want to go home now?’ before I even take a sip of the drink he hands me.”


“Yeah I still feel slightly obligated to at least talk to him. I saved a few bucks so I don’t mind wasting a couple minutes.”

“I normally feel the obligation to at least say ‘thanks’ and be nice.”

Spend your money wisely, fellas. Women are out there ballin’ on a budget.

[cover photo by Yuvraj Singh on Unsplash]