Finally! Some answers!

When women tell men it was "good sex," it was usually just a perfect storm of lucky guesses, the right number of margaritas and turning that thigh cramp into a usable humping motion.

A better method just arrived. Instead of guessing, we have the power of every woman on the web.

Thankfully, the kind, honest gentlewomen of the Internet have finally come together and given the men of the Internet a fighting chance. Over on Reddit, hundreds of ladies chimed in to discuss what was that one thing that could make all the difference before/during/after sex. And the results were illuminating. Here are some of the better standouts. 

Enthusiasm is definitely a plus. Though you hear more about it regarding women, men “starfishing” is annoying as hell.

Rock solid. Just don't google "starfishing" because it can get weird fast. 

Fingering is very very underappreciated. I find guys hands very sexy and a little bit of kissing along with gentle curved motions with your fingers inside of me I will melt into a horny useless puddle who you can then fuck however you want and I'll be all over you.
Edit: No one cares but my favorite position for this is sitting/laying on the guy's lap in bed, somewhat diagonally, with one of his hands between my legs and the other hand holding my hands to my chest, with his lips on my neck or at my ear or twisting to kiss me. 10/10 try it
Here's a picture:

If you cum on us, please have the courtesy of fetching a towel and wiping us off.


Before: I want to be shown not only that I'm wanted, but that I'm cared for and loved. Hold my face as you kiss me, trace the outside of my lip with your thumb, firmly but gently hold the back of my neck. Sensual and romantic sex isn't always what I want, but if my boyfriend starts this way ( which he usually does) it will almost always end in sex; whichever flavor it might be that day.

During: For me, enough kissing like that will usually get me splooshy enough. Doesn't matter: don't stop there with the foreplay. Foreplay is tricky because it depends on what I want that day. Sometimes I like being kissed/bitten on the neck and shoulders. Sometimes I like harder nipple play. Sometimes I want him to pull my hair back and growl that I'm his "little slut" in my ear.

But sometimes I want eye contact, longing glances and deep kisses. Sometimes I want body caresses and gentle nipple/clitoris play. I'll usually signal what I want with moans (more on that later) or play off what kind of sex my partner wants.
I always want vocal involvement. Every man I have been with has been quiet in bed, except for my current boyfriend. Him showing, vocally that he enjoys being inside me is a huge confidence boost and also super sexy.

Speaking of vocal involvement: follow my signals with mine. I moan because it feels good but also to give my partner a concrete assessment of what positions or activities I like more. If you are particularly practiced and are not going to wildly poke your lady's cervix, might I suggest man on top with woman's ankle on man's shoulders. That position with my current partner made me squirt for the first time in my life.

After: Tell me you had fun. Give my butt a little pat. Help me find my underwear. Cuddle and smooch me when I get back from the bathroom. Maybe eat some post-coitus food with me in bed.

This full run-down isn't even fair. If we could only forward this to our 18-year-old selves…

Funk all this romantic face tracing, hip kissing, romantic cuddling after bullshit, I just want my guy to make some noise during sex. Hot as fuck.

Don't be shy. Get loud. 

Aftercare is super underrated. You don't just get up, put your clothes on, and get on the computer. You cuddle god damnit!

Make 'em feel beautiful, dudes. 

Completely ignoring body contact. When only the genitals touch is just meh. Then I might as well just use a dildo…

That's fair. But in reality, having a sweaty, wheezing man on top of us would totally distract us.


Well, we're gonna go have some great sex. Anyone interested?