In Billy Bob Thornton’s Christmas classic Bad Santa, Sue (played by Lauren Graham) has a special feeling inside of her pants for the jolly old fat man in red.

“I've always had a thing for Santa Claus,” goes one of her lines in the movie. “It's like some deep-seated childhood thing.”

It was written into her character for comedic effect, of course. But it isn’t that uncommon.

Claire, a woman in her mid-30s with dark brown hair and freckles on her cheeks spoke to us under the guise of anonymity about her own fetish, because as she jokes, the “PTA parents would probably get offended and ostracize me from group activities, or something.”

She’s also still pretty embarrassed by the fact she likes to have sex with Santas. Plural. As in she’s done this a lot over the last decade since she first tried it.

“My husband at the time wore the hat when we were wrapping presents, and after a few glasses of wine, I just went for it,” she says. “It was incredible; but even more so when I bought him the full suit the next year.”

Even years after her divorce, she still asks guys she's with to get into the suit around Christmas time (“not my ex-husband’s though [laughs], he got that in the divorce”). And unlike Sue, there aren’t any real deep-seated issues with Santa Claus, or so Claire thinks, about why she does it. She just found it fun one time and continues to do so for a kick around the holidays.

“It’s like Pumpkin Spice Lattes in fall for some people,” she says. “You have to wait all year and then it comes out of nowhere. It probably has a lot to do with anticipation more than anything. If I were into leprechauns maybe that would happen around St. Patrick’s Day, who knows [laughs].”

Greg Blythe isn’t so secretive about his dalliances with Santa Sex. After hunting him down through various contacts, he readily admitted to us he’s played Santa for years (in malls and at children’s events) and is offered sex from mothers all the time.

And he obliges, for the most part.

“It’s not uncommon to be asked, or having the subject at least brought up,” he says. “It’s not like women are just coming to see me to cheat, they’re mothers who say they aren’t married, but, I guess moms like this time of the year too?”

It really has happened to him like in the movies. Through his career, he says he’s slept with three moms who’ve come to see him, and they’ve all gone the same way. They slip him their numbers after the kids run off, and then he meets up with them for drinks that night or later in the week. It never takes long for them to openly admit what it was that was so attractive.

“The suit,” he laughs. “It’s definitely the suit. I doubt I’d be able to pull them if I was just a normal guy at a bar.”

So the movie got it right? 

“The suit’s definitely still on (when it happens),” he says. “Boots on, drawers down to my ankles. One with the beard, two without.”

It had never occurred to Blythe, he admits, that this kind of a thing would happen when he got into the work.

“It’s a Christmas bonus, I guess?” he says, unable to hold in a jolly old saint laugh when he does.