Not all heroes wear capes. And not all of them work alone. A magnificent pervert needs your help. It's up to you to step up.

Josean, a 43-year-old Spanish web designer, has spent years creating a world map of spots to have sex in public. He named his creation, which roughly translates to “my favorite places to have sex in public because I can’t bump uglies with my grandma watching Wheel of Fortune in the room next door.”

In the beginning, was a resource exclusive to Spain. The site quickly became a national treasure as users shared their favorite locations, rated their level of privacy and described whether the spots could accommodate up to 20 people.  

Then, word traveled over Europe and overseas to North America. Exhibitionists began recording public sex spots from Rome to San Francisco.

Josean has a mission to take worldwide. And it’s our duty to help him. We need to put all of our filthy, dirty sex spots onto his site.

Contributing a public sex setting is easier than it seems. Browsing through the thousands of suggested spots already on the site, you’ll see that users have a broad definition of great places to get laid.

They recommend benches in public parks with no lighting, hikes to quiet wooded areas, scenic places to park the car, or any bathroom stall or retail changing room that’s spacious enough to hump. Keep these low expectations in mind, and log the next sexy highway rest stop you see.

When adding a public sex location to, you’ll be asked how to get there, what the surroundings are like, and the best hours to get nasty. Consider how a wide-open beach space becomes a potential bone zone in the dark. Contribute spots where security guards aren’t likely to interrupt you mid-stroke.

To make a better resource, it’s also essential to comment on others’ communal sex suggestions. If an abandoned parking lot had more visitors than promised or a recommended forest humping ended in red ants all over your genitals, let others know.

The site has potential to become the Tripadvisor of sex in public places, leading us to the most romantic, fulfilling hook-up spots, and turning us away from penetration in unsafe places. could spice up sex lives around the world — but only if you fulfill your civic duty to contribute.