Jan. 21-Feb. 19

There is a mysterious stranger in your immediate future and you’re ready to take the lead to find out where things go. It’s okay to let yourself fall in love at first sight or play it a little bit hard to get. You don’t want to come across as too easy. Don’t scare them off.



Feb. 20-Mar. 20

Look before you leap in the first half of the month. There are emotional vampires out there looking for their next victim and if you’re not careful, you’ll become their main course. Just don’t close up in fear. Depriving yourself isn’t the answer. There are some risks that are acceptable. You’ll be fine. Just keep your eyes open.



MAR. 21-APR. 20

Be aware of the words coming out of your mouth as the month kicks off, because the Full Moon is in your sign. This could make you more impulsive than usual. That sexy text you want to seduce your partner with? Think twice before sending it, and try again when you are in better control of your impulsive nature.



APR. 21-MAY. 21

You’re feeling extra this month: sexy, suave, and smooth-talking. You cast your spell with ease and flatter and please like a master. Don’t let all this awesomeness go to your head. Even you need healthy boundaries, especially where love is concerned. Slow down before you step in something of your own making.



May. 22-June. 21

Slow down there, cowpoke! You think everything has to happen yesterday. But moving so quickly blinds you to the fact that there’s someone coveting your mojo and wants to rob you of it. No matter how tempted you are, step back and look beneath the flimsy veneer someone is showing you.



June. 22-July. 22

You cannot always sit back and let someone else make the first move. You have to invest your time and accept some of the risk, whether you’re negotiating a one-nighter or a long-term relationship. Work on that passive-aggressive behavior and you’ll have the whole world eating out of your hand.



July. 23-Aug. 21

Do what makes you happy. Send that sexy text, dump your toy-box out onto the bed, or be transparent about your turn-ons. “You can’t get what you want till you know what you want” is a perfect mantra for you. Use all that feline sexiness to attract the hotties. Honesty pays off.



Aug. 22-Sept. 23

Your perfectionist ways aren’t serving you like they used to, Virgo, so perhaps it’s time to try something new. Treat yourself and your lover to a spa day. Make time to get naughty. Take some emotional risks instead of playing it safe. If you want it, go and get it.



Sept. 24-Oct. 23

Autumn is your season and you’re in the mood to fall in love. With the cooler nights, cuddling has never been better. If you’re adventurous, call some friends and make it a cuddle-puddle! Just be sure you’re emotionally centered. Examine your current relationships to determine if you’re exactly where you want to be.



Oct. 24-Nov. 22

This month starts with a bang for you, which is exactly how you like it. You’ve got a discerning eye and have your pick of anyone you want to smash with. No need for love potions or spooky spells. Do a bit of cosplaying and see where it leads. Drag your fantasies into the light and live large.



Nov. 23-Dec. 22

Are you paying attention, Sag? Your dreams have been prophetic lately, especially when it comes to a certain someone you’ve been eyeing for a while. Your mind is sending up smoke signals about your sex life, so you’d do well to examine them more closely. Enjoy your incredible seductive prowess this month.



Dec. 23-Jan. 20

This season is red-hot and you are the flame that lights the way. You are in line for some massive life changes, especially where your sex life is concerned. You’ve never felt so powerful! Don’t beat around the bush. Be direct. Get your domination game on. Your partner will swoon.