Babes to bras: piss off, losers.

Usually, when something is uncomfortable, overpriced and overrated, you don't wear it around on your bodily organs. You throw it out, because it sucks.

Yet, for decades, women have long suffered the discomfort, expense and societal pressure of bras. Buying one of these torture devices was considered a rite of passage for young women, a warm welcome into the painful world of female beauty standards.

"Welp! You're a woman now. Might as well suffer like one! Here's something to squeeze your tits."

However for millennial women, the bane of the bra is finally over. More and more, we're ditching the offending undergarment in favor of wire-free sports bralettes or no bra at all, something that's empowering because it's a step away from the restrictive body standards of yester-century. For us, going bra-less means acceptance of our own bodies, even in the face of advertising and media that tell us our tits should be as perfectly perky as Pamela Anderson's post helium inflation.

This trend of bralessness is wrecking havoc on bra companies like Victoria's Secret, who get about a third of their profit from boob holders. This year alone, Victoria's Secret parent company L Brands Inc. saw their shares plummet 30 percent, just because today's young ladies like to hang 'em long and loose.

Yet while our feminist predecessors used bralessness in the '60s as a political statement for gender equality and women's rights, today's succubi are less motivated by politics and more motivated by comfort and style. After all, today's beauty standards are changing. While the predominant boobage of decades past was squished skywards in padded push-up bras, millennial women prefer a more relaxed, natural look. It compliments our cultural apathy much more nicely.

"Going natural and not wearing a bra is a choice I find empowering and fun, but I think there’s less passion behind it (than when burning bras was done out of political protest),” said poet Savannah Brown, 19, to USA Today. Her popular YouTube video “sav’s guide to going braless” has over half a million views. “It’s just a day-to-day choice (to skip bras or wear bralettes only). It doesn’t play a huge role in my ideology. It’s more of a quiet protest.”

"It's really just a comfort thing," said another YouTuber called Stella Rae.

Bra's aren't altogether banished from reality though; it appears that while overall bra sales are declining, relative bra type sales are increasing.

According to a 2015 NPD Group study, the sports bra is the fastest growing bra style among millennial, while reports the lace bralette represents 32 percent of bralette searches from shoppers, up 121 percent this year alone.

Men, bralettes are basically just tiny tank tops you wear around your boobs. They have very little support, no wires, no padding, no clasps, and you can sometimes still see a little nip.

Honestly, this all makes us very, very happy.

Trying to fit your special snowflake bazongas into a standard brassiere is like saying "This one-size-fits-all-condom should be perfect for your dick!" No piece of fabric or plastic can accommodate everyone's anatomy, and it's nice to know that society is wizening up to that.

Proud of you, millennial female humans. It's cool to see that we're conforming less and less to the painful standards of conventional beauty and finally starting to feel comfortable au naturale.

If you ask us, "Fuck it, this is what I look like" is much better mindset than "How do I make my boobs look like hot air balloons?" anyway.