Some women only make their O-face when applying lipstick. However, one 40-year-old woman in the Netherlands accidentally broke the Pandora's box of infinite, random orgasms with little more than some weed.

As incredulous as it sounds, this anonymous woman’s experience has become the first scientific case study of cannabis-induced cumming, a revelation recently published in the “Journal of Sex and Marital Therapy."

Marcel D. Waldinger, one of the researchers from the study, told IBTimes UK the subject “continued to use cannabis alone and without having sex. Even after several weeks, only a small amount of cannabis induced spontaneous orgasm. When she took higher doses, she got spontaneous orgasms that she 'couldn't handle' any more."

The woman told researchers that the random orgasms would randomly begin in the evening, becoming incapacitating as the hours went by. The episodes started happening after she had a five-hour tantric sex session on MDMA — and continued thereafter. Whether she herself suspected that weed was the cause is unclear, but she says the orgasms seemed to only happen after she smoked joints.

Still, researchers pushed those other dynamics aside, stating cannabis was the real culprit in all of this and the only thing consistent used before her episodes.

Yet even transcendental bliss can get tiresome, and after a few days of it, she started to get anxious about one of her episodes happening in public —fearing the comedic effect of her cumming while waiting in line for groceries, walking the dog or posing for a photo at a friend’s wedding.

Her growing fear of an unfortunately timed public orgasm is what prompted her to seek medical help in the first place.

It wasn’t necessarily fun for her, either. Turns out, there are a whole gamut of orgasm disorders and unfortunately many of the afflicted have their lives ruined by them. This particular woman was first thought to have Restless Genital Syndrome (RGS), but researchers claimed later her experienced symptoms didn’t fit with the criteria for RGS.

The case study was published because her experience was deemed distinct from other orgasmic dysfunctions.

The study itself may not be the most scientific, however, mentioning “hard pounding” sex no less than six times. But nevertheless, it cannot be completely discounted. There are other tales from the depths of the Internet that echo this one experience.

On Reddit, one user called Z-girl describes what happened to her after getting high:

“I recently had an experience where, after smoking half a joint, my body began tingling – starting at my feet and working it's way up my calves and thighs. By the time the 'tingles' has reached my clit, they had magnified in intensity, and I had the most intense orgasm of my life. I did not touch myself once! Then it happened a second time, again later that night…”

Even men have reported the occasional spontaneous orgasm from smoking weed. Last year, on, a guest user described his experience after smoking (take it with a grain of salt):

“Yesterday was the third, and hopefully last time I smoke marijuana… I was driving home… when I felt this horrible urge to masturbate. The urge became so strong that anything I thought about made me turned on. I am not kidding at all when I talk about this, I was EXTREMELY turned on… I felt like I would have an orgasm in my pants. When I did climax, my penis felt too weak to even expel the sperm.”

Climaxing with cannabis is nothing new, as many know how good it feels to fuck high. However, experiencing spontaneous orgasms for days afterwards? That’s a new one.

Researchers from the case study feel that more should be researched on the phenomena to help illuminate how cannabis affects orgasms. Their current theory is that the overstimulation of nerves from the Dutch woman’s epic five hours of “hard pounding sex” was somehow accentuated by the cannabis.

Other stories of spontaneous orgasms from the Internet might be evidence to support the conclusions of the study that cannabis has at least some effect on orgasms. Maybe cannabis does hold the key to unlocking a certain euphoria.

At the very least, it’s probably worth a puff.

[originally posted January 02, 2018]