Catch U.T.I.C.A. and tons more at this year's Rooster sponsored event, the Shredded Beats Festival — presented by So-Gnar.

Local rapper U.T.I.C.A (Undeniably The Illist Cat Around), “undeniably” has one of the “illist“ haircuts around, but also spits powerful rhymes keeping him up with the best in the game. He’ll be performing at this year’s Rooster sponsored Shredded Beats Festival along with Late Night Radio, Goldlink, Sean Anonymous and plenty of other nationals/locals beating up the stages the only way they know how. Before the outdoor festivities next weekend, we caught up with U.T.I.C.A. for a round of 10 Questions.

Grab tickets here if you’re still out sleeping on this festival …

1. Best rap album of 2015?

"Damn that's tough. For me, it's between Drake and A$AP because Kendrick's album was more of a PSA to me considering the climate of the country so I'm gonna go with Joey Badass "B4DA$$" cause it was a solid project with a 90's feel to it with plenty of content."

2. Weed or alcohol?

"Weed, all day everyday. I don't really drink except on special occasions anyway. Shit, I work at a dispensary (Good Chemistry on Colfax) that's how much I love bud."

3. Which artists are you excited to see at Shredded Beats Festival?


4. Will you be voting for Waka Flaka Flame in the 2016 election?

"Nope, he didn't hire me to roll blunts on tour so I'm bitter (laughs). Just kidding. WAKA 4 POTUS!!!"

5. Most embarrassing story of your life?

"Anytime I tried to talk to girls before I turned 18."

6. Which song of yours would you show someone who has never heard your music?

"They Don't Know" off of my latest project "#theREVOLUTION" — I end all my shows with it, and if you attend Shredded Beats on Saturday June 27th at Lost Lake, you'll know why.

7. Write a song lyric with the words “juke” and “puke”:

"Dukes up , juke and lift ya roof up / 2 piece to the body and make ya puke guts"

8. Lebron or Curry?

"Curry. Lebron lost stock when he left Cleveland the first time. I can't rock with him after that and us light skinned brothers got to stick together. I've seen Curry live and he's the truth."

9. What makes your live performance great?

"It's high energy from start to finish and the more the crowd the crowd reciprocates that energy back the crazier the set."

10. Plans for the next year?

"By this time next year I plan on being further established on a national level and getting out of state more at least regionally. Also furthering my brand & my team Stellar Music Ent."