Prepare thineselves … Riot Fest cometh!

This month, the Riot Fest’s third appearance in or around the vicinity of Denver again docks ship in the Mile High City. One of the anticipated bands featured, playing at a presumably later time on Saturday (based on its big fonted name decorating the lineup), is the explosive South African brother-built act known simply by their last name: KONGOS. Unbeknownst to most fans, had it not been for our very own KTCL 93.3 spinning “Come With Me Now” on the radio — garnering the band national traction in the US — the quintet may never have broken stateside. And we definitely wouldn’t be asking Dylan Kongos 10 questions before the band’s festival appearance, either.

1. What are you happiest about right now, at this very moment?

A new coffee machine.

2. Name 3 artists you'd love to share the stage with, living or not:

(preferably living) Stevie Wonder, Bob Marley and Miles Davis

3. Is there a trick to always having such high-energy output for every show?

See question one.

4. Will there be new songs played at Denver’s Riot Fest?

Yea, a couple new ones.

5. Out of all 4 brothers, which one gets picked on the most?

Danny, he is the youngest after all.

6. Is anyone in the band an advanced player of Donkey Kong?

Don't think we've ever played it!

7. What’s the ideal breakfast to load up on before a KONGOS show?

Eggs on toast.

8. What are you looking forward to most while playing the Riot Fest?

That crisp Denver air and the amazing crowds we've always experienced there.

9. If it weren’t for music, what would each of you be doing with your lives?

Dylan – farming, Jesse – making films, Danny – photography, Johnny – running a restaurant.

10. What can we expect out of the future of KONGOS?

A new album soon(ish), festivals through the end of the year. That's about all we can predict as most of our previous predictions about our future have been wrong.