Kill Paris' next show in Colorado is July 25 at the always spirited BETA nightclub in Denver. Before that we hounded him to answer exactly twenty questions.


Excuse us a moment while we go and scrape another notch into the bedpost of rising electronic stars coming out of our dance-happy state.  It’s getting rather full. We may need to buy another bed soon. Seriously, we couldn’t fit another rising EDM star on it if we tried. Well, sure, maybe one more.

When Corey “Kill Paris” Baker moved from Los Angeles to Boulder, he did so at the right time in the right genre. As a purveyor of the more melodic tones immersed in his signature funk and glitch elements, Kill Paris is well on his way to standing in a spot of Colorado-bred EDM elite. His next show in Colorado is July 25 at the always spirited BETA nightclub in Denver. Before that we hounded him to answer exactly twenty questions.

1. You’re approaching big things now with your music; because of that are you getting enough sleep?

No! But I don't mind. I like to keep busy and also make time for me to just have fun outside of music, which is worth staying up a little extra late.

2. On the topic of sleeping, are you a cold side of the pillow person or do you prefer the warmer side?

If there's a bed and a pillow, I'm happy and probably asleep in 10 minutes.

3. You’re signed now to OWSLA and working with big names in the EDM game, how does that progress you as an artist?

It's keeping me busy, but also keeping me on the path of progression. I'm always finding new ways to express my art and to do it uniquely.

4. You paint highly anthemic and dreamy landscapes with each song – was this a specific goal when you started or did it morph into it organically?

It's happened over time. Each one of my songs tells a story. I use soundscapes to help tell those stories.

5. Do you still get to take impulsive trips to random places, or is that a thing of the past?

Each tour date is like a trip to me. I love being on the road and love being home, too. Coming home is more like a vacation to me than leaving.

6. If you had to be stuck inside of one store for the rest of your life: which one would it be and why?

A record store or a Lego store….with a record store. I'd be able to dig through vinyl ‘till I die. If I were in the Lego store, I'd get to build stuff until I die. I think either would be a good way to go.

7. In five words or less describe your perception of the music industry:

Independent = true expression

8. The ‘Foreplay EP’ has been on our shuffle box for the last month. Is the vibe of that what we can expect from future releases or do you like to change it up every time?

I hope I never make the same record twice. That being said, it's always going to be me. Which means it will always have the KP vibe. Who knows what’s gonna happen?

9. Large outdoor stages and intimate indoor venues are two completely different monsters: How do you approach each, and do you have a preference?

I'm grateful to have the chance to play either. It truly depends on the setting. I really enjoy small venues and the more intimate feel. But I also like the big hippy festivals where everyone is just wiggle dancing and enjoying life.

10. How would you discipline Justin Bieber if he were your kid?

I'd give him a shirt to put on.

11. In three words can you tell us what you think separates good musicians from great musicians?

Time and patience.

12. If you could collaborate with any other artist, living or dead, who would it be?

Al Green or Mariah Carey

13. What are some of your favorite Colorado spots to hang out at?

The mountains. The woods. Records on the Hill. Boss Lady Pizza is pretty great too.

14. Are there certain qualifications a song has to meet to be remixed, or is it pretty open?

Depends on if it’s a commissioned remix. Usually it just needs to be good! But I enjoy remixing random songs just for fun. Songs that speak to me that I would like to present with a new spin on them.

15. You’re compared to other big artists in the circuit right now; how do comparisons make you feel as an artists trying to pave its own niche in the business?

Everybody likes to compare and generalize. I don't care about all that stuff. I just want to make music.

16. Are you one with a lot of patience when things get a little crazy or do you see yourself having a short fuse?

Patience is a virtue. I never find myself freaking out about this or that. It's never worth it in the long run.

17. Frozen foods: Do you partake or are you more of a fresh food eater?

Sometimes I don't have much of a choice. I prefer fresh food, but Trader Joes has a fantastic freezer section.

18. How are your holidays normally spent?

With family and friends.

19. What’s are a few hopes and dreams that you want to come from Kill Paris?

I just started my own label ‘Sexy Electric’ which is allowing me to put out my future releases for free. It's also allowing me to sign other artists such as Alma and The Bee's Knees. I hope to continue building the label into something beautiful and unique. I hope to continue making meaningful art.

20. What can fans of Kill Paris expect out of the future?

Lots of music, videos, and high fives