A long-distance relationship is never easy; and definitely not for everyone. But those who master the trick of making it work, get the opportunity to revel in the unique and pleasant surprises it may have to offer! So whether you’re going abroad to study for a few years, leaving behind your bae; or are going to be away on a work commitment spanning a considerable time, with your boyfriend back home, you could always do with some tips to keep the spark alive! The first immediate advice we’d like to give in this regard is to ensure that you’ve bought some cheap cell phone plans to stay in constant touch with your lover. Staying in regular touch shouldn’t make you break the bank!


Be trustful and trustworthy

This is pretty important, regardless of whether you are in a long-distance relationship or stay a living-room apart from each other. Even if you’re going to be separated for few months, having enough trust in your partner is something that goes without saying. You should be honest with each other and avoid hiding things. It’s highly unlikely that either of you will run away with someone new if both of you’ve been committed to the each other for some time. Miscommunication and jealousy are two other things that must be kept at bay.


Use technology to stay close

Technology has done wonders for the modern-day romance! You can use all kinds of free/paid apps meant specifically for long distance relationships. These apps can help you send kisses by just the press of a button; and then your phone will vibrate when s/he reciprocates! Sounds cheesy?! Well, many think it’s sweet! Both of you can indulge in joint activities like drawing pictures, creating videos etc. using such apps. These can also be connected to Facebook Messenger and FaceTime to make them even more personal.

Don’t shy away from making romantic gestures

Although you may not be physically there to cook a nice breakfast for your partner, you can do other little things to express your love for him/her. It’s all about making him/her know that you’re thinking of him/her. How about a good old letter, just like the old days?! Or some flowers sent to his/her place?! That would be a pretty sweet gesture.



This is where a cheap cell phone plans come in! Talking is the simplest and most effective thing you can do to keep your relationship alive. Try creating some time to regularly talk to your partner about the goings-on and all that you’ve been up to lately. Just hearing the other person’s voice can make things a bit easier. Schedule at least two calls per week and ensure that both of you make time for each other. However, don’t be rigid if the other person has to cancel for some good reason.



A long-distance relationship is often tough on both the parties; the most important thing to sustain it and make it last is to stay in regular touch and be expressive about each other’s feelings.