50 Cent, you're broke, out of music and now you have just been denied by Erin Andrews, what do you have to say for yourself? The mastermind behind 'Candyshop', G-Unit and 'Get Rich or Die Trying' went in for the real thing with Erin Andrews at the Daytona 500 only to see the sideline reporter dodge, duck, dip, dive and dodge. How does the side of a face taste 50 Cent?

Luckily he rebounded from the mishap by saying, "I'm enjoying myself, I'm enjoying all of the festivities because we rollers." 

Smooth operator. Erin will definitely throw away her career by making out with a washed-up rapper, actor, and Floyd Mayweather-groupie on national television. But there's still one question that remains: what the fuck was 50 Cent doing at the Daytona 500?