Recently, Boston Dynamics, the robotics company developing terminator-style robots that can run, jump, do par-core, traverse difficult terrain, and withstand all kinds of other abuse, was recently acquired by Hyundai. And to celebrate the announcement, they taught their robotic dogs, known as “Spot” how to dance in choreography.

The dance the electronic canines perform is uhhh…. Creepy to say the least. Not just because it looks an awful lot like Nataraja, a traditional Indian dance dedicated to honoring Lord Shiva, “The Destroyer.” But also because, these robotic “dogs” are eerily similar to the assassin robot portrayed in Black Mirror’s “Metal Head” episode (pictured below).

Anyway, there are a few reasons to feel disconcerted by this video. Chief among them: these robots are getting better at dancing than people are. And it’s not so hard to imagine them busting out a little jig like this, after they’ve effectively exterminated mankind from the face of the Earth.

Without further ado, I present, the magnificent, the terrifying, Spot dance.