There are members of every community in America that live beneath the surface. Residents who might not have a home or job or a family to keep their lives stable, or who actively choose to live unconventional lifestyles.

Boulder is certainly no different in that regard. The homeless community in Boulder is not only abundant but it is extremely diverse. And every single member of that community has a story to tell, has a perspective to share and a reason why they’ve arrived at where they are today.

Case and point: the documentary “Unconventionally Sheltered” — which explores the life and struggles of Sheba, a well-known homeless man in Boulder who lived on the edge of CU’s college campus, under the bridge at the intersection of Broadway and College Ave. Unconventionally Sheltered gives us a peek inside Sheba’s life, offers insight on why he chooses to live he way he does, and exposes some of his daily challenges: from dealing with Boulder police, to keeping safe at night, avoiding trouble and finding businesses that won’t hassle him if he tries to use their bathrooms.

It’s a compassionate look at a life lived on the fringes of this thing we call “society” — a man who’s made the conscious decision to live outside of that.

Directed by Austin Long, this documentary is thought provoking, heart wrenching and a very tender story about an unconventional lifestyle.