“Someday, somebody’s going to ski that…”

Those were the words of Jackson Hole ski instructor and mountain guide, Barry Corbet, back in 1960 when he laid eyes on the 20-foot cliff dropping into a couloir near the resort’s summit.

Jackson Hole

That day wouldn’t come for another seven years, when, in 1967 a ski patroller named Lonnie Ball took the plunge and made skier history as the first person to ever successfully shred Corbet’s Couloir.

Today, skiers and boarders from around the world make the pilgrimage to Jackson Hole to test their mettle on this infamous drop. The couloir itself sits below an intimidating cliff and cornice. Which, anyone who wants a piece of that sweet untouched powder in the couloir below, has to send.

And my oh my, do people send it.

Case and point: the recent Kings and Queens of Jackson Hole Red Bull competition, where some of the ballsiest skiers and boarders gathered to launch themselves into this world-renowned ski run.