The Mexican drug cartels are some of the most terrifying, mysterious and powerful business entities on the planet. They’re internationally renowned for their brutality, their violence and aversion to mercy.  They are some of the most feared and respected gangsters on Earth — in history — and apparently, they’re really getting into TikTok.

Yes, TikTok, the viral video app, where kids dance to popular songs, perform funny skits, rant about politics or society, crusade, complain, entertain and influence. Believe it or not, Mexican drug cartels have also discovered their own affinity for this particular social media platform. And now, thanks to explosive hashtags #carteltiktok, we’re getting a very different and much closer look inside these cartels and the lives their members lead.

The footage they post ranges from short clips of people processing heroin in poppy flowers, to videos like the one below, where a boat-full of cartel members are being pursued at high speeds over the water by Mexican authorities (or pirates? It’s unclear).


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Pirates Of The Caribbean (Title Theme) – Voidoid

Other clips on #carteltiktok feature cartel members showing off their dangerous lifestyles: flashing huge stacks of cash, showing off pet tigers, or the automatic rifles and gold-plated handguns they’re carrying. Hard motherfuckers, showing off their hard-ass life on the hardest social media: TikTok. 


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Mis Amigos Fieles – Jose Arana Y Su Grupo Invencible

Naturally, these videos have drawn an insane amount of interest, quickly gaining millions of views and a loyal following. People are fascinated by the inner-workings and day-to-day of such a mythologically violent and dangerous group. It is not hard to fall into a wormhole of cartel Tik Tok videos.

Of which, there are many. Recognizing the online success of these videos, cartel members have started posting a lot of content. They seem just as eager to show off their lifestyles, as people are to get a peek inside them.


Don’t like cartel videos *trigger warning* #cartel #carteltiktok

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If we’ve watched any crime movies, though, we know that this story doesn’t end well. What happens when the Mexican or US government sees your videos and tracks you down? Or, worse yet, when your cartel bosses catch wind that you’ve been taking videos of their poppy fields and spreading them like wildfire online? 

As far as crime goes, it’s almost always a bad idea to publicize and document your dealings and/or day-to-day activities. As much fun as it is to share that shit with the world, and feel like a celebrity gangster, the consequences for drawing attention to yourself are rarely good.


Was on cartel TikTok now I’m getting anti Cartel TikTok like wtf

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But who’s complaining? These videos are badass. They’re fun to watch and they’re interesting as hell. I don’t want the cartel to stop posting them because I think they’re one of the most entertaining things to ever come off of TikTok.

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Body – Megan Thee Stallion


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La Chona – Los Tucanes De Tijuana