For all of the scary and unsettling possibilities that are posed by deep-fake technology, when used in the right hands it can be dangerously hilarious.

Case and point: the recent deep-fake from Sassy Justice, of President Donald Trump reading a familiar Christmas story about a stolen election — a classic tale about a sleepy-eyed meanie reindeer and an innocent winner who gets cheated out of the title “best reindeer in the world.”

Considering Donald Trump’s recent social media antics it doesn’t take much to convince yourself that this is actually Donald Trump reading a Christmas story he himself wrote. It’s almost realistic enough to buy hook, line and sinker. If it weren’t so goddamned funny and so completely absurd, this could pass on almost any news channel as legitimate footage of our Commander in Chief. The biggest giveaway, though, isn't his fabulous sweater or the Mr. Rogers style — it's the honesty that seems to bleed through the words Trump says as he reads his story. 

It’s exactly the kind of holiday/political satire that this world desperately needs right now. Brought to us byMatt Parker and Trey Stone in partnership with Peter Serafinowics to create this masterpiece for Sassy Justice, disguised as a Cheyanne, Wyoming news segment.