To show how nice this Canadian born DJ/producer really is he answered some of our questions before the last stop of tour (He also gave us a few tickets to give to a lucky fan. Visit our Instagram page to find out how!).

Not everyone from Canada is a gun-toting, violent, over-eating meat-satchel of opinionated ego, who belittles others through a thinly guised decree of supremacy. Errr … wait a minute. We read our notes wrong – nobody from Canada is that way; that’s actually us. We mixed up our North American countries a little, our mistake …

No, Canadians are the nice ones in this hemisphere, and the northernmost area happens to cultivate some of the most moving and eclectic artists in the industry. Such is the case with Nova Scotia raised Ryan Hemsworth. He’s bringing his sweet, electro-clambering sonic vibes to the Fox Theatre this Saturday, Dec 13

To show how nice he really is, he answered some of our questions before the last stop of his tour (He also gave us a few tickets to give to a lucky fan. Visit our Instagram page to find out how!) Check out his tour teaser below to see what the crowd is in for during his performance. It seems to us to be a far cry from what everyone's probably used to from DJ-heavy ragers. Artsy! We like it. 

Send him out in style, Boulder.

How do you feel? How’s the vibe out on the road right now?

Sleepy and swaggy, energized by being around lots of cool-ass people though. Tour has been awesome. It was scary getting into it because it's really on myself to sell tickets and crap that I have never cared about before. But in that way it's pretty exhilarating when people show up.

“Alone For The First Time” is out and delivered to the masses. What’s going through your head now that it’s done and out?

What to do next. I have some different plans that are already in motion a bit, but I'll really be able to get busy when I'm home after this tour. Super excited to just keep making different stuff with unexpected people. It's all about evolving for me.

Where is most of your music made? At home? On the road? Bathroom?

70% on the road (hotels, airports, clubs green rooms), 23% at home, 7% in bathrooms.

Has there ever been something really bizarre that you’ve pulled inspiration from?

I try to pull inspiration from the most unexpected places, really. Whether it's 80s Japanese pop drum samples, flutes from N64 games, recording the sounds around me in public and including someone's cough in a beat. At this point for producers your unique sounds are so important to distinguishing you, because we all have access to the same default drum kits and synths and stuff.

Which do you prefer, unleashing an EP or LP every so often, or many singles all of the time?

Singles all the time I think! It's just the speed at which listeners have adapted to consuming music. LPs don't last like they used to. Sometimes they have long lives but people who spend a lot of time staying up to date with the newest stuff are used to downloading a bunch of songs a day, or albums a day. Releasing songs is fun and spontaneous and you get to just throw something out there and hope that it sticks.

Are there requirements you look for before you remix a song, or is it just whatever you like whenever you like?

Just really something that I love, and now maybe something that no one else is touching. Which might be like, a rock song, or some intense club track and making it frail and undanceable. That's fun to me.

If you had to remix a child’s television show theme song right now, which one would it be and why?

Hmm maybe Doug, it has great drums. And the ending credits song was like an acapella version, so lots of cuteness to work with there.

Do you think SoundCloud will be able to pull through the legal shenanigans its in lately, or will DJs and producers move on to bigger and better things?

Musicians will rely on SoundCloud more than any other platform unless something new and improved comes along. Just like how everyone complains about Facebook, but we're all still on Facebook everyday. It just sucks the direction SoundCloud has to go to not go under. Dreading the day it tells me to pay for visibility.

If you had to pen a genre-name for your sound what would it be?

Not Too Shabby Wave

You’re coming to Boulder in a few days – what are some extra-curricular activities you want to get into while you’re here?

Go on a hike JK probably just eat a pizza or something, hopefully someone recommends something cooler.

Thanks for your time, we promise to rage along with you when you get here. Safe travels!