Before the event grinds in yet another plaque for the Red Rocks interactive hall, Mark Hill gave us a look towards what we can expect as fans of the energizing act and whether or not we can expect new music any time soon.

words by Craig Caliendo

The two producers / instrumentalists in The Floozies are ready to “bring the funk” to Red Rocks this Friday Sept 26 during the third annual showing of the Rowdytown series featuring headliner Big Gigantic. They tag along with comrades and supporting acts Savoy, DVBBS and a few party preserving others to round out the billing of the two day festival.

Matt and Mark Hill, the two mainstays in The Floozies, are a Kansas born brotherly duo that says they have always enjoyed the sound of funk. Getting their start in music playing live shows, they’ve long been introduced to a large variety of sound options that electronic music often offers. Lately they’ve been successful in finding and melding the unique sounds that could classify them in any one of the many genres floating around electronic conversation today.

While other artists in EDM are quickly turning towards the trend to incorporate live instruments to the show, The Floozies already have it done. With Matt on guitar and Mark on the drums, The Floozies brings the necessary excitement of a live show to electronic music fans.

Whether you’re a Griz or Big Gigantic fan who is familiar with the sound, or if you are a hard style electronic fan, disappointment won’t be in attendance when The Floozies bring its celebrated style to Red Rocks this Friday.

Before the event grinds in yet another plaque for the Red Rocks interactive hall, Mark Hill gave us a look towards what we can expect as fans of the energizing act and whether or not we can expect new music any time soon.

How pumped are you to be playing at Red Rocks?

Not at all! No, I’m just kidding, that’s bucket list stuff being able to play there, and this is our fist time.

How did you guys get hooked up with Big Gigantic?

They were putting together their concert and they invited us, it was really flattering. We have played a few shows with them, so they knew us from that.

What do you think of Big Gigantic’s sound?

(It’s) awesome, and they are super nice too. They are just instantly friendly with everyone and it’s really disarming.

When performing with artists with similar sounds, do you prepare differently so people can differentiate between you both?

We don’t really worry about that. We just kind of do our thing. If we weren’t being honest about they way we want to sound, and the music we want to make, then we might sound like other people. But we just do exactly what we want and so we have our own unique sound by default.

When you are trying to produce, do you produce on the road or save it for studio time?

I really do both. Before we went on tour I did all of the production at home, but now for this next album that’s coming out in January, half of it was made on planes and on buses.

What inspires you while making music?

Anything, or whatever I have been listening to lately. But it can be anything. Sometimes I look up basketball highlight reels, and it just gets me pumped up seeing someone who’s great at what they, do or seeing something new. Our song “Booger Bear” I made after I watched Django Unchained.

When you are producing how did you know when a song’s done?

When I cant stop dancing to it, as far as content goes. And getting the mix right is more of a tedious drive. I listen to it on studio speakers, on my computer speakers, and with headphones, just to make sure it sounds right on all the platforms. But as far as the content and instruments go, when I can’t stop dancing to it is when I know it’s done.

When you are playing live, how do you know when you are having a good set?

When everyone is smiling and dancing. You feed off of stuff like that and make sure you’re paying attention. It’s like a symbiotic energy relationship. If you hear a lot of talking or see a lot of people looking around, it’s probably not a good set.

What do you have planned for the rest of the year?

I have been working on new songs basically sense we released the last album. We have been doing a lot more talk box, where we actually wrote lyrics. And now we have been bringing a lot of guests in and doing some collaboration on our own, which is really cool. We are also going to release a song really soon on This Song Is Sick, and another tour called the Fantastic Love Tour, which I think is a great name for a tour. We just got a brand new lighting rig for this tour, but we might be getting even bigger for January. Just forever tweaking.

Who have been your personal inspirations in music?

James Brown, Chris Cornell the singer from Sound garden, Prince, Big Gigantic, Griz, Pretty Lights. I remember when we first started out we did all live stuff nothing pre-recorded and I was, like, hating on Pretty Light because he wasn’t playing his stuff live. Then he hired Adam Deitch and went back and listened to all of his stuff and instantly wasn’t a hater anymore, he baptized me from haterism.