Do you want to listen to Afrobeat music played by white people, or do you want to listen to no music at all? It's one of those 'Sophie's Choice' questions that Hampshire College students had to grapple with last week as they were planning their annual Halloween party.

And you know what they decided? White people have no business playing Afrobeat music. Nope, nope, nope. They would rather party in politically-correct silence unadulterated by the nauseating sound of white people noodling on instruments while trying to embrace other cultures through song. That, or we're assuming they'd just have to get their frat buddy Chet to play his Sugar Ray playlist off his MacBook instead, because  Chet = White = Sugar Ray = Let's Party!

The predominantly white Afrobeat band in question, Shokazoba, was scheduled to play the party. However, the college's HYPE Committee, who organized the event, made the hard decision to pull the band from the lineup after a number of students "expressed concerns about cultural appropriation and the need to respect marginalized cultures." And even though the school claimed the decision wasn't based on the band's racial identity, and more on the fact that the students unleashed a furious, worrisome storm of pissy comments on the event's Facebook page, Shokazoba was certifiably peeved. They released a statement saying they felt "discriminated against by people who had never even met us or heard one note of our music."

Well, let's all hear their music and then we can break off into small groups and discuss what we think of the controversy.

…Wow, okay.

Here's our theory. They nixed them from the lineup not because they're too white, not because of the Facebook controversy, but because they're just…so…bad.

That is hardly the music a bunk of drunk college students at a Halloween party want to grind to. The only Halloween party we'd want to hear that at is one that we only went to for the free booze. So, final verdict? Hampshire College and Shokozoba both lose! Now, can someone please book Lil' Jon to play our office Halloween party?