Each month, we set two daters up at a restaurant, give them free food and drinks, then wait for the magic to happen. This month’s Blind Date, we set Ben and Jessica up for a special night at The Lounge at Boulder Theater.

Meet The Daters:

Ben | Data Scientist for Ad Tech Company | Aquarius

Why are you going on a Rooster Blind Date? I’ve been on hundreds of dates online.
What’s a good way to win you over: Be genuine, communicative, driven.
Most irrational fear: Snakes or sharks, I like to surf though.
What’s your greatest strength: I do a solid binge.
Never have I ever: Been on a true blind date.
One thing about you no one would believe: That I do standup comedy.
Do you want kids? Yes.
What do you geek out on? Anime, video games, Immediate red flags: Playing too hard to get. Immediate green flags: Communication and intention, do what you’re say you’re going to do. 
One thing you can’t live without? Gym.
Why did you last relationship end? We were too different. Ultimately we didn’t have enough in common.
Celebrity crush: Sydney Sweeney.
Guilty pleasure: Lady Gaga.

Jessica | Banker | Capricorn

Why are you going on a Rooster Blind Date? I heard about it from Gravity Brewing.
What’s a good way to win you over: Humor
Most irrational fear: Living alone eternally.
What’s your greatest strength: My logic.
Never have I ever: Been out of the country.
One thing about you no one would believe: I was a belly dancer.
Do you want kids? Yes.
What do you geek out on? Books and Harry Potter—and money.
Immediately red flags: Smokers, can’t take a joke.
Immediate green flags: Wants a family and isn’t afraid of commitment.
One thing you can’t live without? Beer.
Why did you last relationship end? We weren’t a good fit. He wanted to move to Texas and I can’t stand the heat.
Biggest date fail: I had driven an hour to see the person and he didn’t know anything about the place we were going. He expected me to go back to his place when there was literally no chemistry.
Celebrity crush: Chris Pratt
Guilty pleasure: Romantic comedies.

Round 1
Tonight’s date is a special one because we’re at The Lounge at Boulder Theater which means dinner and a show. The headliner: a Tool cover band called Schism. Ben and Jessica arrive at the same time to some awkward introductory small talk. Jessica likes comedy and Ben moonlights as a comedian. What could go wrong? After they settle in with fresh cocktails and appetizers, we pull them aside to see how things are going.

How’s it going so far?

B: Things are going pretty well. I don’t know if she’s my type but she’s nice. The drinks are always a plus.

J: Pretty good. He’s nice but he looks around a lot.


What were your first impressions of your date?

B: Seems super nice.

J: He’s pretty quiet. I kind of have to pull him into the conversation.


What was the first thing you noticed about your date?

B: Her hair. She’s got nice hair.

J: He’s good looking.


Is this the type of person you’d normally date?

B: No. I end up dating people I know in real life.

J: Probably not. Respectably.


Where do you normally meet potential partners?

B: Work, school, whatever. I meet people wherever. I’ve met them online too.

J: Online dating. 

What are you most nervous about for tonight?

B: I’m nervous about these cover bands and if they will suck. Tribute bands.

J: Hopefully he’s not disgusted or thinks I’m an atrocious person.


Did you get any advice for this date?

B: Be yourself. I was joking I might do a character—my friends said not to.

J: No, I’ve been on a lot of dates. I don’t need advice.


How did you prepare for the date?

B: Took a shot of rum.

J: I drove from work then touched up my makeup in the car.


How did your date dress tonight?

B: She looks nice.

J: Respectfully. Nicer than casual.


What are you looking forward to in the next round?

B: More conversations and more drinks. Finish my pizza.

J: Hopefully deeper conversations to get to know him.

Round 2
First impressions are lukewarm: Ben likes her nice hair and Jessica thinks he dressed nicer than casual. Can you feel the passion? We need stronger cocktails. The daters share comedic stories over Detroit-style square pizzas while Schism prepares to melt faces in the venue. Once again we check in with the daters to see how things are going.

How was dinner at The Lounge at Boulder Theater?

B: Solid. They do a good job and the gluten-free pizza was great.
J: Food was really good. Sausage pizza was delicious. The ricotta was amazing.


How’s the date going?

B: I think it’s going pretty well. No one is running for the exits.
J: It’s alright. It’s a date. He keeps looking around and it’s hard to make conversation when he’s not looking at me.


Do you two have anything in common?
B: We both like sports and drinking.

J: Comedy. I’m a fan of comedy and he’s a comedian. We’ve been talking about our favorite comedians. Did I mention comedy?   What do you like about your date?

B: She’s funny and easy to talk to. I’m not sure there’s a vibe though.
J: He seems genuine and honest.


What do you NOT  like about your date?

B: There isn’t much physical chemistry.
J: He seems awkward. He keeps looking around.


What’s the most attractive thing about your date?
B: Can I use ChatGPT?
J: I plead the fifth.


How would your parents feel about the dater?

B: They’d like her. She’s funny and my parents would appreciate that.

J: I think my mom would know he’s not the one. She has the instinct for it. 

What’s been the best part of the date so far? 

B: It’s a really cool bar.

J: The uniqueness of the situation. I like to throw myself into new situations and this is definitely different.


What could make the date better?

B: I think someone who I have more physical chemistry with.

J: Better conversation. More passionate conversation.


How’s the chemistry on a scale of 1-10?

B: 5.

J: 3.


Where would you like the night to go from here?

B: Watch a little music and then, huh, part ways.

J: I’d rather go to a brewery after this. He’s gluten free so he can’t go.


Round 3
It’s never a good sign when one dater says “I want to go to a Brewery because he’s gluten free and can’t go.” Savage. Our last hope for a connection is the live music.. As the daters head into the venue, Rooster heads out.  We check in the next day to see how things went.

What happened after Rooster left?

B: We caught the tail end of the opener (Guerilla Radio) then parted ways.

J: We talked some more. Checked out the concert for a little bit and then went our separate ways.


What was the best part of the date?

B: I think the format was good and it was a solid spot for a date.

J: Best part of the date was getting out of our comfort zone and not having to meet someone through an app. It’s a more genuine experience.


Was there a goodnight hug, kiss or exchange of numbers?

B: No kiss, just a hug.

J: No kiss. We didn’t have any chemistry. We hugged, that’s it!


Would you have changed anything about the date?

B: There isn’t much. Going to a show at Boulder Theater after dinner was a good date.

J: I’d probably prefer a date with better options. He can’t have gluten so a pizza place isn’t ideal for him.


Will there be a second date?

B: No.

J: No, I don’t think so. I suspect we’re on the same page about this.


Any advice for future Blind Daters?

B: Just have fun with it. Even if you don’t connect it’s hard to beat free food and drinks at a cool venue.

J: Just keep your mind open. Don’t be afraid of any awkwardness. Make all your friends sign up too!



Cheese-encrusted pizza, whiskey drinks and a Tool cover band weren’t enough to propel this date to a connection. Ben and Jessica might not have found love but we sure found our new favorite cover band, Schism.  Thanks to The Lounge at Boulder Theater for setting up an amazing night. Rooster is on to next month where we hope to find love.