Each month, we set two daters up at a restaurant, give them free food and drinks, then wait for the magic to happen. This month’s Blind Date, we set Brad and Carolyn up for a special night at Podium Karting & Events in Denver.

Meet the Daters:

Brad | Aquarius | Rooster Magazine 

Why are you going on a Rooster Blind Date? Because I’ve been single for a while and it’s time for some romance in my life. 

What do you do for fun?  I like to skydive, do stand-up comedy, and learn how to fly planes. 

What are you best at? I’m best at bringing people together for events that create happiness. 

What do you suck at? Relationships.

Do you sing in the shower? I do sing in the shower. Al Green and Motown. 

What are you most grateful for? Living in America. I’m grateful to live in this beautiful country. 

Do you want kids? I think I want kids one day. I am open to it. 

Immediate red flags: Gaslighting. And lack of sense of humor. 

One thing you can’t live without: I can’t live without laughter. 

Why did your last relationship end:  It just didn’t work out. 

Celebrity crush: Margot Robbie. 

Guilty pleasure: Having too much fun. 

Carolyn | Leo | Supply chain optimization lead

Why are you going on a Rooster Blind Date? My friends Troy and Noah went on one and said they had a great time. We were out at a bar one night and we saw a Rooster so I signed up. 

What do you do for fun?  I hang out with friends, I play coed sports volleyball and soccer, I like to hang out at parks, hang out with my roommate’s dog. 

What are you best at? I am very good at binge-watching TV shows. It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia is a good one. 

What do you suck at? Go kart racing. It’s kind of scary out there!

Do you sing in the shower? Yes. Absolutely. Sometimes I dance in the shower. I usually do the DJ Spotify thing so it will switch from rap to slow jams randomly. 

What are you most grateful for? My friends and family. I’m best friends with my mom and sister. 

Do you want kids? Yes definitely. As many as I can afford. 

Immediate red flags: If they are mean or rude to service workers, or mean and rude in general. It’s a big red flag and a deal breaker. 

One thing you can’t live without: My nephew. He’s seven. He lives in New York. 

Why did your last relationship end:  We were definitely not right for each other. 

Celebrity crush: Michael B Jordan. 

Guilty pleasure: Eating a ton of candy all at once. 

Round 1

Our two daters arrive at Podium Karting & Events ready for an adrenaline-filled date. Little does Carolyn know, she’s in the presence of a Rooster legend, Big Brad World himself. We leave the daters to get trained before we send them out on a high speed go kart course. We are rooting for true love to win the race tonight. 

How’s it going so far?

B: It’s going well. She is very kind and very sweet. 

C: Great! He’s very funny and nice. The go-kart racing is a little bit intense and he crashed into me on the first lap. We full on collided! He ran into me! He said sorry after that. It was fun, I didn’t mind. 


What were your first impressions of your date? 

B: She’s very pretty and has a wholesome vibe. And I like that she’s from Colorado. 

C: One of the second things he said was a joke which was a good first impression. Being funny is something I look for in a person. 


Is this the type of person you’d normally date?

B: Yes. She seems very smart and has her life together. She works in supply chain for shades. 

C: Yeah, I don’t really have a type, so I’m always open to anything. He’s nice and funny, so yes. 


Where do you normally meet potential partners? 

B: In social settings, whether it be gatherings, concerts or comedy shows. 

C: Through mutual friends, and I have been on quite a few Hinge dates. This is way more fun than a Hinge date. 


What are you most nervous about for tonight? 

B: That she wouldn’t like go-karting as much as I do. She didn’t seem like she wanted to race the second time even though we had the whole track to ourselves. 

C: The interview piece of it. Or him possibly being a terrible person would not be fun. My worst-case scenario would be like the other guy from the date a few months ago that was creepy. 


Did you get any advice for this date? 

B: No, nothing. Just have fun. My mom said just do it for shits and giggles. 

C: Most of my friends who I told hyped me up more so. No advice but to have fun. 


How did you prepare for the date? 

B: I worked all day and came straight here. I was late because I was working late. 

C: I usually prepare for a date by hanging out listening to music and relaxing. For this one, I didn’t do anything in particular, except I drove my car really fast and threw knives at the wall for practice. Just kidding. 


How did your date dress tonight? 

B: Very put together, and as I said previously, she has this wholesome style that I appreciate. 

C: Good. I did notice his New Balance sneakers right away. Thumbs up! 

Round 2:

After one round of racing, we can’t help but notice that Brad is definitely taking it easy on Carolyn. Is he go kart sharking her for before next race, or is he being nice? I guess we’ll find out soon enough! Carolyn thinks Brad is a funny man, which we know is the best way to win him over. Brad seems more interested in his never-ending need for speed on the course. 


How’s it going?

B: It’s going well. Our conversation is getting more in-depth. 

C: Good! The whole time he continued to be very funny. He got funnier. I enjoyed getting to know him. He seems very passionate about quite a few different things so he’s well rounded in his passions. I’m an aunt and he’s also an uncle so we talked about how we had that in common. 


What have you been talking about? 

B: We have been talking about her family, her brother and her gay best friend. Basically, all the folks that are in her life as well as how most Colorado natives don’t actually ski or snowboard. 

C: Quite a bit. We have similar tastes in stand-up comedians. We both like Adam Sandler, Shane Gillis. I just watched the Shane Gillis thing on Netflix. 


Do you two have anything in common? 

B: We both love pickle ball. I have been looking for a pickle ball partner. We both aren’t picky with food. And she has really good taste in stand-up comedy. She’s well-versed on comedians, their careers and their styles of standup. 

C: Yeah I would say quite a bit! We both love our family, and he seems like his friendships are important to him too. And we both have nieces and nephews and like stand-up comedians. 


What do you like about your date?

B: I like that she is well put together, mature and knows what she wants in life. 

C: He’s been super respectful the whole date, nice and funny. Very easy to carry a conversation with and I don’t think we’ve had an awkward moment all night. 


What do you not like about your date? 

B: This is a hard question. I don’t not like anything about her… yet. 

C: Do I have to pick something?? 


What’s the most attractive thing about your date? 

B: Her work ethic, and her adventurous side. She has really nice eyes too. I did compliment her on her eyes. 

C: His humor. I’m a big sucker for someone who is funny. 


How would your parents feel about the dater? 

B: They would definitely approve. Probably more than my last choice. They would approve of her because she is mature and seems to gel with my lifestyle. 

C: I feel like my parents would be so happy that I introduced them to a boy. I think they would like him because they know he seems like a good person. I never introduce guys to my parents. Unless I’m dating them for 3 months. Like serious dating. I would get so many questions from my mom! 


What’s been the best part of the date so far? 

B: The best part of the date has been talking in between activities. Go-karting was a blast. I suck at axe throwing though. She crushes axe throwing. I’m kind of worried she might be a ninja. 

C: I really enjoyed the axe and knife throwing. I had never done it before and I felt like I was pretty good at it. I wish I was a secret ninja!


What could make the date better? 

B: The fact that you guys are interviewing us. I knew this coming into it, but I feel a little… different. 

C: Maybe not having it interrupted by great interviewers. 


How’s the chemistry on a scale of 1-10? 

B: I would say 7.

C: An 8. 


Where would you like the night to go from here? 

B: She has to wake up early for work and, technically, so do I. So I can imagine it will end with a nice hug and that’s it. 

C: I have work early in the morning. So probably head home after this beer and exchange numbers. 


Will there be a good night hug, kiss or an exchange of numbers?

B: Hug and numbers. I’ve never gone for a first kiss on a first date, that’s not my style. That’s not true… but it hasn’t ever worked out in the past. 

C: Exchange of numbers and a hug. I don’t know about a kiss… maybe. 


Round 3:
After fueling up on laughter, racing and axe throwing, Rooster leaves our two speedsters and sneaks out the back. We check in the next day to see what happened after we left. 


How was Podium Karting & Events?

B: Such a great experience, so much adult fun. It made me feel like a kid again. 

C: I had an amazing time go kart racing and an even more amazing time throwing axes! I highly recommend it. 


What happened after Rooster left?

B: We talked until close. She gave me her number and we hugged goodbye. 

C: We continued chatting until we finished our beers and headed home.


What was the best part of the date and why?

B: You would think it would be all the fun of go karting and axe throwing but talking with Carolyn was the best part. 

C: The best part of the night was getting to meet and hang out with a new interesting person. Blind dates can be scary but this one was fun and easy going.


Was there a goodnight hug, kiss, or exchange of numbers? 

B: Hug and she gave me her number. No kiss. 

C: We exchanged numbers and hugged


Will there be a second date? 

B: Maybe.  Maybe dinner somewhere without go karts. 

C: I’m not quite sure, he lives in Boulder and I live in Denver so we’ll have to figure that out.


Any advice for future Blind Daters? 

B: Have zero expectations 

C: Don’t stress beforehand! The Rooster team is amazing and the experience will be fun no matter what. 


Anything you want to end with? 

B: I let her win, every time, while go karting. 

C: Thank you!



Turns out Rooster was right from the start: Brad did let Carolyn win on the track. Will their Denver and Boulder distance be a deal breaker, or will we see them as the next world champion rally race team? Only time will tell!