Sometimes bars aren’t the worst place in the world to meet guys. Sometimes it’s downright perfect, and for starting a band, it can be even better. New York City rockers from the Drowners have proved it, so now it’s science.

Like-minded artists Matt Hitt (singer/guitarist), Jack Ridley (guitarist) and Erik Snyder (bassist) all met at downtown New York pubs in the early part of 2012. After a few demos were tossed between them in the following months, drummer Lakis Pavlou joined the bunch and helped curate the grunge-rock sound that lies heavy on a true garage aesthetic.

“By definition your influences do affect your music. The songs have changed slightly from when I first wrote them because of the way each member plays…I suppose they came out a little more garage because our common ground is 50's rock n roll and 80's post-punk. When we were recording we were trying to make it not so polished and slick rather than intentionally grungy or garage,” says the Drowners.

The foursome is hitting the road heavy to broaden up their fan base and to get ready for all the writing, recording and mixing that lays ahead. The current month-long tour is in support of the “Between Us Girls EP,” that is available on both itunes and at the show. The debut release will drop earlier next year on the Frenchkiss label the Drowners have recently signed to.

So what does a Drowner do on tour? “You can get used to anything after a while. Drive all day, eat shit food, play a show, drink a bunch of booze, split 2 beds between 3 guys, skateboard at truck stops, avoid Waffle House…. and repeat.”

The Drowners make their way through Denver on August 11th, performing with locals Red Orange Yellow and Postal Holiday at The Hi-Dive.