Is anyone in the mood for veal and a glass of milk? No?

Brazilian model, Sabrina Boing Boing is causing a stir among her fellow Brazilians after posting photos to her Instagram account showing her lending a perky breast to an unsuspecting calf on the side of the road for a perfectly normal milking session. The accompanying photo caption read, "Some things don't need to make sense, just worth it." That's something you write when you're doing something that makes absolutely no fucking sense. 

In all fairness, Boing Boing has an extensive resume that includes modeling, DJing and impersonating Pamela Anderson. Add breastfeeding Bambi to that list and she's perfect wifey material. And don't think this is her first milking rodeo. Prior to this incident, Ms. Boing Boing was photographed feeding ostriches fruit that was strategically placed under her breasts. At this point, we're guessing it's not so much about taking care of the animals as much as Ms. Boing Boing's taking care of herself.