According to BroBible, this email has been blowing up among the #financebros of New York, and once you read it, it's easy to see why.

Backstory: A UW-Milwaulkee student (name unfortunately redacted) was looking for employment in the accounting world. He went to a career seminar where he met a female accounting recruiter. He sent her this email a few weeks later, asking her for job advice, apparently plagued by the age-old struggle between love and money, zits and herpes, and whether or not it's good to read what you write to someone before you send it.

The source of his inner conflict is whether or not working for a Big Four accounting firm would ruin his chances at finding true love. But we think he'd do a great job of doing that, Big Four firm or not. And *spoiler alert*, that sore was just a zit, not herpes. Phew! Behold: