With the U.S. job market still recovering, everyone's asking what type of move would make the most sense when determining what's good for a career. Becasue of the myriad options and choices, we've opted to use real-life examples of types of career moves that are either greatly beneficial or highly detrimental to a career. It is up to you reader to decide whether you think our anecdotal advice is good or bad. 

Yesterday, Tevin Kievelle Monroe entered a McDonald's looking to find a manager just like every other innocent applicant. Upon finding the manager, Monroe was informed that McDonald's doesn't have in-house interviews and instead has future employees complete online applications. To this news, Monroe was not excited. Acting like any respectable future employee looking to maintain face, Monroe pulled up his shirt and revealed that he had a glock shoved in his waistband. The manager realized this guy was not kidding when he said he needed to fill out an application. But that shit wasn't going to fly.

The manager, being a thinker, went into the back room to grab Monroe an application—and call the police. As Monroe completed the application with high hopes of landing the job as frier, the police showed up and arrested the dedicated potential hire. The 31 year-old was charged with brandishing a firearm, carrying a concealed weapon and disorderly conduct. And there you have it kids, guns don't get jobs.