Colorado's not the most creative when it comes to dating profiles.

Colorful Colorado offers up a smorgasbord of outdoor activities, breweries and strapping young singles who evidently have the creative capacity of a rock-fish when it comes to online dating profiles.

According to data compiled from online dating sites, Colorado’s favorite dating profile term is “snowboarding.” Yes, snowboarding. As in, shredding the epic gnar with pow shots to the face on Blue Sky, kind of snowboarding. It makes sense, considering we can't go a day in the winter without being questioned over the number of days we've shredded on our Epic Pass. Hell, there is even a Colorado dating site specifically for the snowboard and outdoor enthusiast in

It could be worse. You could be in Texas where “oil” is the word of choice or California where “desert” is the preferred dating profile term. But at this point, we'll take what we can get. Even if we need to hype up our love for "farms" to lock down unsuspecting singles in our neighboring states, Kansas and Nebraska. Well, maybe not Kansas.