Shout out to Smelly Deli!


We got high in Colorado and tried to work at a bodega in honor of American Ultra. Things got a liiiittle weird.

Posted by Complex on Monday, August 17, 2015

If you’re not privy to what Complex Magazine is, it’s basically a one-stop online Kanye catchall to keep readers in the know about what he and his wife are up to by the millisecond. Outside of the persistent Kardashian fawning, however, the site sometimes throws in a gem — this time sending one of its staff to come to Boulder and smoke weed while attempting a 4 hour shift at a convenience store. Shout out to Smelly Deli!

The task at hand was to promote some movie that’s probably going to be awful. It stars a few Hollywood types and is about a stoner becoming a secret agent. Sounds thrilling, yes? We’re always in awe of the creative capacity of things coming out of LA …

Bogus Colorado/stoner stereotypes and creative editing aside, the clip is pretty hilarious — especially when he bolts after a few oblivious shoplifters with protein bars and shame.