Last Sunday, while out minding his own business, an 11-year-old boy was wandering around the 300 block of Elmer Avenue in Baton Rouge when he saw the school bus. It was parked in someone’s driveway, he’d seen it there before, but never inspected it closely before. Much to his surprise and excitement he found the door open and discovered that the bus required no key to start. All he had to do was press the ‘Ignition’ button, and he was in business. 

What happened next is likely to go down in Louisiana as one of the most hilarious and absurd car chases in the state’s history. For thirteen miles that boy led police on a high-speed chase, evading their attempts to stop him and even mocking their pursuit.

At one point the boy stuck his arm out the window, flipping pursuing officers off. And, at least one witness saw him “giggling” with delight as he drove along, with numerous police cruisers hot on his tail.

There were at least 10 officers involved in the chase, which lasted for 13 miles. Officers noted that the boy so short he had to stand to operate the pedals — and even still, he was able to avoid spike strips and police road blocks — demonstrating some highly adept driving skills. School busses are not easy things to drive.

(Whoever said video games can’t teach kids real life skills?)

The chase ended when the boy crashed the bus into a tree and officers caught up with him. According to the police, he was very compliant, followed their orders and answered their questions — nevertheless they handcuffed the little bastard and chucked him into a patrol car.

The boy’s name has not yet been released, since he is a juvenile. But it’s safe to say that this joy-ride will earn him some serious street cred on the inside of Juvie. A legendary stunt like this is the kind of thing that demands respect.