We don't care how much cred you have for writing "Because I Got High" 40 years ago, Afroman … don't sucker punch a chick on stage.

Afroman was performing in Biloxi, Mississippi Tuesday night when a girl somehow got onstage and started dancing next to him. That's a pretty common concert occurrence, but while most performers would havesimply  summoned security or just went with it, Afroman decided the best course of action was to suddenly oblierate her face with a devastating sucker punch.

In the video, you can see him turn around without warning, and karate chop the life force out of her. It's … insane.

The girl went down hard, but Afroman kept on performing. Naturally, in true psychopath form, he didn't even miss a beat in the song he's playing, and wen't back to his guitar solo without batting an eyelash.

Witnesses say the girl was bleeding and crying, but somehow she managed to get up on her own. You can see her boyfriend or dude friend get up on stage and think about confronting Afroman … only to decide against it and go after the girl who stumbled away in a daze.

Cops eventually stopped the show and arrested him outside the venue on assualt charges. We just hope his bail is as high as he got that one time.