Sometimes, when a person speaks from their heart, a strange thing happens and poetry will seemingly flow through them, out and into the world, almost as if they’re channeling something cosmic.

That’s exactly what seems to have happened to Anderson Cooper the other night, while covering the election. Cooper was commenting on Donald Trump’s erroneous statements about voter fraud, election theft and an already decided Republican victory, when he started waxing poetic on live television.

Describing the president’s desperate, “pathetic” attempts at seeding mistrust in the election results, Cooper called the president of the United States, an “obese turtle in the hot sun, realizing his time is over.”

It was a magnificent picture to paint for America on live television, and one that Donald Trump surely wouldn’t like to entertain.

Cooper’s poetic slam came after Donald Trump made extremely inflammatory and dangerous comments about the outcome of this election being “fraudulent.” He got on live television to address the nation, as votes were still being tallied in multiple states, to insist that the vote count was fraudulent and that illegal votes were being counted. He claimed to have already won, and said that the attempts to continue counting votes in states like Pennsylvania and Nevada were attempts to “steal the election.”

“If you count the legal votes, I easily won.” He said.

Perhaps the craziest part about these insane statements, is the fact that, at no time in the election was Donald Trump ahead of Joe Biden in either popular vote or the electoral college. Trump was losing from the start — where the hell did he get the idea that he already won?

Cooper’s right. Trump’s time is nigh and he’s just struggling to accept it, flailing in the hot sun.