It’s been three years since the world heard from the internationally famous hacker group, Anonymous.

The masked hackers were pivotal throughout the 2016 election, and before that, throughout Obama’s presidency. They’ve hacked Sarah Palin’s email, they helped mobilize the Green Movement in Iran and the Arab Spring, they’ve attacked Visa, Mastercard and Paypal, hacked the KKK and then, in 2017, they went radio silent. Apart from a few small operations they ran in the Philippines and Thailand, no one heard from Anonymous, and governments everywhere breathed a sigh of relief.  

But this last weekend, as protests over George Floyd’s murder turned into riots, as dumpster fires lit up the night and police began to brutalize protestors, a video was released online featuring a very familiar face: that of Guy Fox — the unofficial mascot for the Anonymous group.

And what he had to say, doesn’t bode well for Minneapolis’ men and women in Blue.

On top of that threat to “expose [their] many crimes to the world” the group also allegedly hacked the Minneapolis police department, and took down their website. And, in Chicago, they actually cracked into the police department’s radio frequency, and stared playing every cop’s favorite hip-hop hit-single: “Fuck the Police.”

It looks like Anonymous is back (comin’ straight from the underground). They had their hiatus, and now that society seems to be unraveling at its seams, they’re dawning their masks and taking to their coding windows, once more.

That’s good news for The People and for the movement going on in our streets. The world is beginning to look more and more like V for Vendetta, Joker, and even Mr. Robot every day — having a hardcore group of vigilante hackers like this on our side is, on a level, pretty comforting.

What they do next, could be a tipping point for these Black Lives Matter protests.