Every guy has a scenario playing out in his head of just what exactly a chick fight in lingerie would entail. From sorority pillow fights to gym locker rooms, there isn't a guy that when summoned, couldn't rattle off his ideal scenario, the bedroom items involved and the ultimate attire for the ladies. Luckily, the lingerie football league, which we can only imagine is about as successful as Vince Mcmahon's XFL, has brought to light what a bunch of lingerie clad girls fighting over life would look like. And it isn't pretty. Or is it?

We're certain these ladies have more testosterone flowing through them than a Swedish sperm bank, but there's something eerily sexy about the aggressive language, dirty lingerie uniforms and complete disregard for league rules that takes us from 6pm to midnight here at work. Sadly, as any sports fan could imagine, the lingerie football league is succumbing to its destiny and ending it's run of horrible football no one wants to watch – even if they are wearing lingerie. But fortunately for us, the league produced this gem in spectator sports that will hopefully make sure that the sport will forever live on in glory… or infamy… one of those.